The Greatest Escape Games

Are you looking for a fun and exhilarating time? Looking for something exciting and different to do with friends, family or colleagues?.

Do you like solving puzzles or helping other people solve puzzles? Do you want to challenge yourself and your friends in a way you have never been challenged before? Then join everyone else at The Greatest Escape Games.

The goal is simple: you and your teammates have one hour to work together, crack codes and solve clues and escape Colorado Springs most popular family attraction!

Book today and see if you have what it takes to escape…in less than 60 minutes!

Players work together using team-work and logic to solve puzzles, unlock locks and find clues to escape one of two different scenario rooms – Cabin Fever or the Scandal.

Your first clue; be sure to always think outside of the box!

When the door closes behind you, you and your teammates (up to 7 other people) will be locked in a professionally decorated scene depicting a real-life scenario with only have 60 minutes to escape! So use your time wisely! The clock is always ticking! You and your team will need to work together in order to solve hidden clues, mysteries, and riddles.

But remember, it’s all about fun! ! The combination of critical thinking, the confined space, limited time… and teammates will create an exciting and intense environment. We guarantee that this experience will be unlike any other you’ve ever had!

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Will YOU escape?

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