Magic Portal

Magic Portal is a first of its kind GPS escape game which combines the best elements of classical treasure hunts, GPS-Geocaching and Live-Escape-Games with Augmented Reality Technology into a new outdoor team game.

The basic game is simple: using a special “portalTracker” (aka: iPad) you and your team will have 2 1/2 to  3 hours to explore Colorado Springs looking to open six magic portals that connect this world with the mythical world of “Avoria.”. While on your adventure to reunite the two worlds you will need to answer tricky riddles, solve puzzling puzzles with help from virtual 3-D avatar gnomes and wizards in real places throughout your journey! Magic Portal by CLUETIVITY™ is the most action-packed adventure ever for families, friends and colleagues ever!

Teams consist of a minimum of 2, a maximum of 6 people and an iPad. (NOTE: There is a $200 equipment damage deposit required for use of iPad.)

$70 for 2 people.
$25 per person 3-6 people. Max 6 people per team.

Multiple teams may challenge each other for high score.

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