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10 Best Stun Champions in League of Legends

Welcome to our choice of the ten greatest stun champions in League of Legends! A great deal like with our ten greatest ultimate skills in LoL, right here we concentrate on highlighting the most potent and most influential crowd manage champions and skills in the game.

Initially off, let us clarify to you that we’ve created our selection with various elements taken in thoughts. For instance, the champion’s stun duration and no matter whether the capacity is a standard or an ultimate 1 is heavily regarded as. 

Subsequent, champions that have additional than 1 stun capacity (particularly an AOE stun) may get favored a bit additional. And lastly, we believed of the champions’ strength to carry the game primarily based on the execution of that stun capacity.

Needless to say, our best ten greatest stun champions in League of Legends is epic. Verify it out!

The ten Finest Stun Champions in League of Legends

ten. Annie

And we begin it off with Annie! This champion has been the face of the stun impact in League of Legends considering the fact that the begin of the game, seriously. Her passive Pyromania allows her to manage and time her CC rather than wait on a cooldown. 

It grants her a stun impact on each and every 5th spell Annie casts, so it is quite simple to execute. And the greatest component about it is that it does not matter which is the 5th spell due to the fact it is assured to stun the target!

What tends to make Annie so wonderful:

● Trustworthy single-target stun.

● Trustworthy AOE stun.

● Really serious burst harm to comply with up the stun.

9. Lissandra

Lissandra can be 1 of the most obnoxious champions to deal with in the hands of a pro player! Not only does this champion have a pretty higher harm, but her crowd manage is really painful as well. Lissandra’s major strength comes from her ultimate Frozen Tomb

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This capacity freezes the target for a couple of seconds, rendering it absolutely helpless. All other enemy champions about that target are heavily slowed, so it is simple for Lissandra to retain them in 1 location. And not to mention that she has her W Ring of Frost to root them as well!

What tends to make Lissandra so wonderful:

● Higher damaging single-target stun.

● Good for securing a kill.

● Uncomplicated stun setup by way of E and W.

eight. Zoe

And when we’re on the subject of single-target stuns, we cannot assist but mention Zoe. This ridiculous champion has possibly the most tilting capacity in the complete game, her E Sleepy Problems Bubble

This spell puts your champion into a sleep impact for a handful of seconds, which is as excellent as stun, and also tends to make you take correct harm. This wouldn’t be as well major of a dilemma if the capacity couldn’t fly by way of walls across the map! Sleepy Problems Bubble is the single-greatest lengthy-variety stun in League of Legends that pretty typically benefits in a kill!

What tends to make Zoe so wonderful:

● Really lengthy-variety sleep/stun impact.

● Pretty higher comply with up harm.

● Beneficial for each duels and group fights.

7. Vi

Along the exact same lines, we have Vi. She is 1 of the most useful picks in the game due to her capacity to isolate a target and safe a kill. Becoming a jungler, Vi’s ganks are doubled in energy when she gets level six. 

Her R Assault and Battery charges her to an enemy champion, knocking them up and spectacular them in location. This is the fantastic jungle set up for a kill, and it tends to make it pretty simple for her group to comply with up. Plus, Vi also has a bit of knock up attached to her Q, in case any enemy tries to escape.

What tends to make Vi so wonderful:

● Safe stun that cannot be stopped.

● Uncomplicated to assist out and help.

● Robust single-target harm.

six. Veigar

And speaking of items that cannot be escaped, Veigar is a candidate for the title. Offered to a skilled player, Veigar can be a tilting nuisance to everybody! His E Occasion Horizon is an AOE stun that requires only half a second to channel. And all enemies that touch the borders of the wall are stunned. The capacity covers a pretty massive location, so it is tough to miss it. But, what tends to make Occasion Horizon such a scary spell is that it has a pretty quick cooldown when also possessing 1 of the longest stun durations in the game. When maxed out, it lasts for three seconds!

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What tends to make Veigar so wonderful:

● Massive and productive AOE stun.

● Pretty quick cooldown.

● Possible for 1-shotting enemies when they’re in stun.

five. Nautilus

If there is 1 champion that each and every League of Legends player fears, that is Nautilus! The scariest factor about him is the reality that he has practically limitless crowd manage. Let’s analyze!

Nautilus’ passive Staggering Blow is a root triggered by his initial auto-attack, which could practically be regarded as a stun impact. His Q Dredge Line is a grab-and-stun capacity that can lock down any one for a additional extended period. 

And his ultimate Depth Charge is a single-target knock-up that also stuns the enemy champions about the target. With this kit, Nautilus is 1 of the kings of CC on the Summoner’s Rift!

What tends to make Nautilus so wonderful:

● Heavy single-target stun.

● Great AOE stun.

● Effective for locking down targets.

four. Morgana

And in fourth location, we have Morgana! This champion has been the terror of all players considering the fact that the starting of time. Truthfully, Morgana has only 1 stun capacity, her ultimate Soul Shackles, which activates right after a handful of seconds of channeling. But, the dilemma that Morgana causes on the Rift is in her Q Dark Binding

This is a lengthy-variety bolt that roots the initial target it hits for an really lengthy quantity of time. On the final rank, Dark Binding lasts for three seconds, which feels like an eternity if you are on the getting finish.

What tends to make Morgana so wonderful:

● Excellent ganking tools.

● Capable to retain enemies in location for a lengthy time.

● Higher harm assistance champion.

three. Sejuani

Sejuani is yet another renowned champion when it comes to delivering CC in League of Legends. And she may be the queen of it, if her R Glacial Prison had just a bit of a reduced cooldown. This is a talent shot capacity that Sejuani can throw at a place, freezing the target it hits for two seconds. 

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It travels reasonably speedy, so it is not the hardest capacity to hit. Even so, if Sejuani tends to make a error, all enemies in the targeted location are slowed by 80%, which is fantastic for attacking them and applying her other stun impact, Permafrost!

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What tends to make Sejuani so wonderful:

● Immediate single-target stun.

● Group-primarily based stun by way of auto-attacks.

● Good for furthermore slowing the target.

two. Gnar

In the second location, we have Gnar. Correct, when this champion is not in his empowered kind, he has actually crowd manage. But, 1 of the scariest items in League is seeing Gnar leaping into your whole group, prepared to slam them all into the wall. His Mega Gnar allows him to knock back all enemy champions in variety, slowing or spectacular them based on if they hit a terrain in the approach or not. The impact lasts pretty lengthy, so unless these enemies have Cleanse or QSS, they’re most likely dead. 

What tends to make Gnar so wonderful:

● Dominating AOE stun.

● Good AOE harm to comply with up.

● Capable to overpower whole teams alone.

1. Amumu

And the king of stuns and crowd manage in common in League of Legends is Amumu! And he owns the title for various motives.

Initially off, his CC is really simple to set up. The only difficult component is hitting his Q Bandage Toss, which stops becoming a dilemma only right after a couple of games on the champion. The capacity stuns the target and sets Amumu completely for his R Curse of the Sad Mummy

This is an AOE stun that lasts for two seconds on all enemies impacted. It has a pretty wide radius, so unless you Flash out of it, you cannot seriously escape. Amumu is the greatest champion to set up group fights with, and that is why he deserves the quantity 1 spot in the best ten greatest stun champions in League of Legends!

What tends to make Amumu so wonderful:

● Good single-target stun/dash on a quick cooldown/

● The greatest AOE stun in the game.

● Heavy AP AOE harm on all skills.


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