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Amumu Guide: Learn How to Play One of the Strongest Champions Right Now

If you are searching to rank up in League of Legends, or find out the jungle function with a mechanically simple champion, Amumu is a terrific decision correct now. More than the previous couple of patches, the sad mummy has received a series of compact but considerable buffs that have triggered his winrates to soar to 53.84% across all ranks, escalating to above 54% in Silver and Gold games. That tends to make him the third highest winrate champion in the game correct now, and the highest winrate jungler! Even though he is most successful in decrease tier ranks such as Iron, Silver, and Gold, he is extra than capable of getting an successful jungler in the larger tier ranks. Lastly, with an typical ban ratio in ranked play of just .59%, you are practically usually assured to safe him in champion pick.

Hopefully, you are now convinced to give this cute small bundle of sadness a attempt, so right here is a basic guide to get you winning games by tossing bandages and crying on your enemies!

Potential Order

The potential order for Amumu is really basic. Take W at level 1, then level up E at level two, followed by Q at level three. Just after that, max E initially, followed by W, and then Q. Meanwhile place a point in R at each offered level.


Aftershock, which was buffed for tanks in the most current patch, is a need to as it now provides bonus resistances scaling off your armour and magic resistance. On the other hand, there is a lot area for customization about your preferred style in the secondary rune tree. Personally, I like to take Low-priced Shot for the bonus accurate harm and Ultimate Hunter for the decrease ultimate cooldown (this is quite useful if you teamfight a lot).

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An additional private recommendation is taking Transcendence and Nullifying orb in the sorcery tree for elevated cooldown reduction and magic resistance. Lastly, the offense base stat choice is also a matter of private preference and a lot of persons take +ten% attack speed to enable with early jungle clears, but I like to integrate cooldown reduction in my runes so that I can cast as numerous of Amumu’s overpowered ultimates achievable. Play about and see what functions most effective for your playstyle!

Item Make Path

To commence off, comply with the encouraged path of taking Hunter’s Talisman and Refillable Potion. Then rush Bami’s Cinder and turn that into Cinderhulk as your jungle item as quickly as you can. Note that you usually want to select the Blue Smite enchantment more than Red Smite, as you basically do not auto-attack enemies adequate and the slow from Blue Smite can make it less difficult to land your Bandage Toss! Just after that, you will finish your core construct path by acquiring an Abyssal Mask followed by Ninja Tabi. In the quite uncommon occasion that the enemy group has small to no attack harm-primarily based champions, you need to take into account acquiring Mercury’s Treads as an alternative of Ninja Tabi.

Just after that, the final 3 products of the construct are up to you! If you want to do extra harm, you need to construct Liandry’s Torment and Rylai’s Crystal Sceptre. If you want to be extra tanky, you need to construct Thornmail and Gargoyle Stoneplate. Basically, the initially 3 products of the construct path are a need to, but the final 3 are up to you! If you nonetheless unsure, the image above shows a reputable item construct that is great in most games.

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Jungle Pathing

This image illustrates what jungle camps you want to kill in what order for your initially clear. Just after your initially clear, almost everything is situational, so I’m afraid you are on your personal. A swift tip although is to concentrate on your personal jungle camps more than attempting to steal enemy camps, though prioritizing the Raptors and Wolves camps. There are two jungle paths drawn in the image above, 1 for each and every side of the map your group may perhaps be on. Note that in the most current patch, the hugely prioritized Rift Scuttler now spawns at three:15 as an alternative of two:00. This is a substantial buff for Amumu in the early game, as it now makes it possible for you to clear 4 camps and get level three ahead of fighting the other jungler for the Rift Scuttler. Previously, Amumu would have to typically have to surrender the Rift Scuttler due to his weak initially two levels, but now you have the solution to fight for it! Just after you finish Rift Scuttler, or make a decision against killing it, take into account ganking best or mid lane ahead of recalling for your second clear.

Ideas and Tricks

Lastly, right here are some quite handy suggestions and tricks to enable you master the mechanics and nuisances of this adorable however deadly mummy:

– Your E cooldown reduces by .five seconds each time you are auto-attacked, so when you are killing Krugs, Raptors and Wolves, just concentrate the massive monsters and let the small ones attack you and cut down your E cooldown quickly.

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– Rift Scuttler requires elevated harm when it is stunned, so hit it with your Q and then auto-attack it after and cast your E though it is stunned to kill it quicker.

– Your W quickly drains your mana, so make certain you only turn it on when you are fighting or clearing your camps and turn it off when you leave the action!

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– Some champions are definitely challenging to hit with your Q (e.g. Zed and LeBlanc), so if you are struggling to hit enemies you can just stroll close to them and press R and then hit them with your Q.

– If you do not have R offered or you do not want to use it, use your Blue Smite to slow them and make it tougher for them to dodge your Q.

– Your R (ultimate) is 1 of the most effective skills in the game when it comes to teamfighting. Get applied to its radius and attempt to hit as numerous champions with it at after.

– Also, attempt to save your Flash for teamfights exactly where you can Flash into the group and press R for a massive AOE stun!

– Your passive tends to make your teammates deal a % of magic harm as accurate harm, so concentrate on acquiring your potential energy-primarily based teammates ahead so you can enable them deal even extra harm.

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