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Tomorrow, Tomorrow I really like ya tomorrow You are constantly a day away

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Annie, born Annie Bennett in the theatrical adaptations and later recognized as Annie Bennett Warbucks, or Annie Bennett Stacks is the protagonist of the comics, the Broadway musical, and the films of the identical name. She is a spunky, optimistic, energetic eleven-year old artist girl. She has curly red/orange hair (even though she essentially has straight auburn hair in the 1999 telefilm version, even though it at times shown to be curly close to the finish). In the 2014 film, Annie is black. Annie is friendly, great-natured, and normally good. She lives in New York City, and resides in an orphanage till she is adopted by Oliver Warbucks. In the films, she was stated to have been born on October 28 the original comic strips state that she was born on February 29.


Comic strip universe

Tiny is recognized or revealed about Annie’s origins in the comic strips. Kenneth Barker’s write-up in mentions that Annie had been in Miss Asthma’s orphanage considering that infancy. Annie describes the initial factor that she remembered: There had been in reality household records for Annie and her parents, but these had been lost when the orphanage was razed on November 18, 1928. Regardless of significantly persuasion from Daddy Warbucks, Asthma refused to divulge what she remembered about Annie’s biological household, apart from becoming left as a founding in front of the residence.[1]

When Annie had been beneath Warbucks’ care for the majority of the series, only becoming out on her personal from time to time throughout her various adventures, it wasn’t till the July 9, 2019 strip exactly where she was adopted as Oliver’s daughter, as opposed to becoming just his ward.

Novelization by Thomas Meehan

The novelization of the Broadway musical establishes that Annie was born to David and Margaret Bennett, two struggling and impoverished painters from Iowa who moved to New York in 1921 to study art at Cooper Union. A young couple, the Bennetts knew no quick relatives in New York or back in Iowa, and when Margaret fell ill with the Spanish Flu, her husband David left two-month old Annie at the orphanage in a final-ditch work, leaving with the infant a note assuring Annie that they will be back for her. They each later died, unknown to her. She constantly hoped her parents would come to get her someday, counting every single new year that has passed considering that. Annie has been miserable in the orphanage, no thanks to the orphanage’s headmistress, Miss Hannigan, considering that Hannigan typically forces Annie and the rest of the orphans into labor all although she spends most of her earnings to alcohol. She also forces them to say, “I/We love you, Miss Hannigan.” to her, which the orphans sarcastically or begrudgingly comply.

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Fed up with the drudgery and yearning to discover her accurate parents, Annie produced her initial try to escape from the orphanage, but not with no acquiring caught by Hannigan. This did not deter the orphan on the other hand, when Annie saw an chance by way of a laundry chute by a man named Bundles McCloskey. Annie smuggles herself into the chute and out of the orphanage. She later spends the subsequent couple of months on the run from the orphanage, initially spending the winter as resident employees in Bixby’s Beanery, a low-grade café run by couple Fred and Gert Bixby, ahead of escaping following she finds Sandy. She then spends a number of months living in the Hooverville with Sophie and the Apple Seller (who is named as G. Randall “Randy” Whitworth Jr, a former stockbroker left destitute by the Depression) who, in the novelisation, are adult characters and a couple. Annie’s keep at the Hooverville was pleasant to say the least, as the denizens welcomed her far better than the Bixbys, let alone Hannigan. But this came to an abrupt finish when a police officer named Lt. Ward broke up the Hooverville and captures Annie, who spent the subsequent day in a jail cell along with the other Hoovervillites.

Annie was sent back to the orphanage exactly where she was about to get a beating from Miss Hannigan when the secretary to billionaire Oliver Warbucks, named Grace Farrall, came in. She invited Annie to come more than and devote Christmas with Oliver Warbucks, but Miss Hannigan would only let her go following she was threatened by Grace saying she would get her fired. Grace then took Annie to Oliver Warbuck’s mansion, but when he came, he wanted her to leave. He ultimately gave in and had a enjoyable time with her going about New York City that eh stopped functioning and committed to adopting her. When he told Annie, she refused the present for the reason that all she wanted was her personal parents, who had been essentially dead. Oliver Warbucks then determined to discover Annie’s parents, placing her on the radio, sending out the FBI, and supplying $50,000 to whoever could prove they had been her parents. In the meanwhile he brought her to Washington to meet President Roosevelt, exactly where she developed the New Deal. Following all these failed attempts, Oliver asked once again to adopt her, and this time she stated yes. But ahead of this could be produced official, Rooster Hannigan and his girlfriend came in and claimed they had been her parents so they could get the award income. They had the important proof, so it was decided they would take her the subsequent day, significantly to the chagrin of Annie and Mr. Warbucks. But the subsequent morning, Mr. Warbucks was told by President Roosevelt and the FBI that her parents had been essentially dead, and the imposters had been arrested along with Miss Hannigan as quickly as they arrived. Mr. Warbucks then told Annie of her dead parents, and she was pretty sad. But they then became father and daughter and they lived happily ever following.

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Theatrical rendition

Primarily based off of the Thomas Meehan novel, this is a musical later created into two films. Annie is abandoned in a New York City orphanage exactly where she dreams of her parents returning to reclaim her. In 1933 she escapes her abusive orphan mistress Miss Hannigan and finds a dog Sandy, but is returned to the orphanage.

Correct following, she is invited by Grace Farrell to devote Christmas, (The 4th of July in the the 1982 film), with the billionaire Oliver Warbucks. Following at initial becoming repulsed by Annie, she grows on him and he tries to adopt her, but she refuses for the reason that she only desires her genuine parents. Oliver delivers a $50,000 reward for the couple that could prove they are Annie’s parents. Miss Hannigan and her brother and his girlfriend attempt to fake themselves as Annie’s parents to get the income, and just about get away with it, but are caught by Oliver Warbucks and President Roosevelt. Oliver Warbucks then adopts Annie and they reside happily ever following.


Annie just about constantly maintains a great, good attitude, and is the perfect girl. She has a pretty great connection with the rest of the orphans, even though she has had a couple of quarrels with them, most specifically with Pepper. In spite of her innocence and great-natured attitude, Annie does show her tomboyish side at points, becoming headstrong and much more than prepared to stand up for herself and her buddies, such as when she got into a brawl as she rescued a stray dog (whom she later christened as Sandy) from a pack of street boys who had been mistreating the dog. She never ever is imply unless she requires to defend a person becoming hurt. Anytime Annie gets down, she sticks up her chin and sings the song, “Tomorrow,” or thinks about how her loving parents are coming to get her.


Becoming a young girl of eleven years, Annie does show expertise standard of a kid of the era. She is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant, in a position to knock out or out-punch boys and/or girls of her age (such as when she defended Sandy from a band of bullies in the original musical, and tackled a girl named Kate McGuire who was coerced by Hannigan to pose as Annie in exchange for a large sum of income in ) and even hold out on her personal against older folks she on the other hand only makes use of this as a final resort and would typically resort to diplomatic indicates such as when she broke up arguments and fights amongst her peers at the orphanage. Such was her tenacity that even Pepper, the oldest amongst the orphans, was afraid of her the two would band with each other at college as a way to defend themselves and their fellow orphans from these who bully them. This produced her the leader of her group, specifically when it comes to dealing with Miss Hannigan.

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She also proved to be adept at schoolwork, possessing taken interest in reading and geography and won the spelling bee at college, even though her victory would be rendered null and void by the teachers who viewed her and the other orphans as pariahs due to their social status as destitutes.

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Most importantly, she is in a position to cheer up folks about her with her optimistic attitude and make everyone’s life really feel much more complete. She is in a position to make Oliver Warbucks really feel fulfilled by possessing her come into his life, and she make her fellow orphan’s lives far better by becoming their pal and comforting them when they will need her.


  • All 3 original debuting actresses’ names began with an “A”, just like the character’s: Andrea McArdle, who initial played the function on Broadway Aileen Quinn, who played the function in the 1982 Columbia film, and Alicia Morton, who played the function in the 1999 Disney telefilm. She is played by Quvenzhané Wallis in the 2014 film. That went double for Ashley Johnson (even though she wasn’t introduced in this function) when she played the function in the 1995 (1996 internationally) Television sequel (See the image above with all four of these Annies).
  • The initial particular person to essentially play her that does not start out with an A is Lea Salonga. She has played her in the Broadway. If you want to see her sing. You can verify 3 videos singing Tomorrow, It really is the Difficult Knock Life, and Perhaps on the internet. This is also her initial time to act on public. The explanation why she’s not that recognized to play Annie for the reason that she only played Annie when the Broadway went to Philippines.
    • Similarly Ariana also produced her debut by playing the function of Annie a video of her singing Tomorrow is identified on the internet. This was also described on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.
  • Even though in the original Broadway show and 1999 film, Annie’s hair begins out straight and auburn, in the 1982 film, her hair is curly and red the complete time like Annie’s look in the original comic strip,.
  • The 2014 rendition of Annie is of African-American ancestry, a departure from the classic character who is hinted to be of Irish descent.
  • Pepper is portrayed in the film by Rosanne Sorrentino, who played Annie in the 3rd National Tour of the musical. Sorrentino initially wanted to be Annie in the film, but was also old.


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