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Champion Analysis: Amumu

If something comes to thoughts when I believe “Amumu”, it is the player base’s basic notion that he’s super uncomplicated to counterjungle, and is as a result a risky champion to play. Nevertheless, that all modifications when you stick him into a solo queue Silver game, and Amumu can pull off fantastic issues.

That is not to say he’s without having any danger. Counterjungling does occasionally come about in Silver. Lots of Silver Vi and Udyr players have study babby’s initially counterjungling guide and will attempt to ambush you sometime along your jungle path just for the reason that you are Amumu, and the typical response time of Silver teammates suggests you will almost certainly die, or at least be forced to flash out. Honestly, counterjungling is a robust tactic in Silver, exactly where most junglers will get discouraged if place behind by it, and normally begin carrying out nothing at all but dragging their group down.

Avoiding getting counterjungled is by no means a positive point, but if you see somebody on the enemy group particularly developed to kick your ass: Xin Xhao, Vi, Shyvana, Xin Xhao, to name a couple of champs who can almost certainly outduel you with ease, there are measures you can take. Initial of all, take into consideration beginning golems. Yes, this suggests you will delay your blue, but red buff will aid you clear, as well, and occasionally it is superior to just take the protected route.

But wait – what if by the time you attain your blue, it is gone? This brings us to the subsequent tip: have somebody ward close to the buff Usually, if the enemy jungler desires to steal your blue, they do not want to all of a sudden run into you fighting it, so they’ll come from behind. Have your mid laner use their trinket to ward the bush behind blue. If they want to surprise you at red, the greatest point to do is ward the bush at red buff. Hopefully they’ll ward it in such a way that you can see as far away from the buff as achievable so you have got time to react if an enemy seems.

If you finish up getting unfortunate sufficient to get ambushed, turn on your W – you did get W initially, correct? – and kite them about. Make them take a bit of harm if they want to hold chasing you, and attempt to survive lengthy sufficient for a teammate to show up and aid. If they abandon chasing you and begin stealing your buff, spam pings for aid – particularly, ping your laners, not your buff or the enemy champion. Let them know that this is just as substantially their issue as it is yours. Your laners may perhaps attempt to feign duty if you do not particularly contact on them for aid, saying “well it’s not my fault, top was just as close.”

You are asking what to do if the enemy group picks Shaco and you have currently picked Amumu? Give up. Most Shaco players in Silver are smurfs that know what they’re carrying out, and they’ll make your jungling practical experience a living hell that will make Amumu want he’d by no means woken up. You may possibly just be superior off dodging.

One particular additional point just before we delve in – whilst I do have a lot of practical experience with Amumu and take into consideration him a single of my most important junglers, jungle is my least favourite function, and most surely my worst. Maintain that in thoughts as you study on.

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Capability Overview

Passive: Cursed Touch

I’ll be sincere, I forgot what Amumu’s passive was and did a double-take when I saw it. It by no means crossed my thoughts. Cursed Touch lowers the magic resist of what ever you auto attack for a couple of seconds. It is nothing at all to create household about but it’ll increase your clear and your harm in fights without having you even noticing it.

Q: Bandage Toss

Amumu’s only CC outdoors of his ult is his Q, which stretches a bandage out and damages and stuns the initially target hit. Amumu will then fly to what ever you hit. Level this initially to increase the harm and cooldown if you believe you will be ganking a lot and if you are confident you can really hit it. Otherwise, max it second. As with all ranged skillshots, get employed to the delay and aim exactly where you believe your target will be, not exactly where they are.

This counts as a projectile, even even though the bandage is nevertheless attached to Amumu – it appears a bit silly to see it blocked by Yasuo’s Wind Wall, even though. Amumu loses a piece of himself.


Amumu cries really hard sufficient to somehow physically injure all champs in a radius about him, carrying out some base harm plus a percentage of their max HP. You toggle this capacity on and off.

This and his E make Amumu good for clearing jungle, if not for him operating out of mana consistently. I’d level this final. It’ll scale up and up as the game goes on even if you do not level it, as your opponents will be gaining additional and additional HP. It is superior to max Amumu’s other moves initially.

E: Tantrum

This strangely blurry spell tends to make Amumu breakdance for a split second, damaging opponents who had no respect for him prior to him breaking out these mad movesz. Just leveling this capacity reduces your harm taken by auto attacks (which includes jungle monsters!) by a flat quantity. As a bonus, anytime Amumu is hit with an auto attack, Tantrum’s cooldown gets decreased.

Unless you are leveling Q for additional single-target harm early on, this is your greatest candidate to level initially. It’ll aid you clear, and plus, the harm reduction is a modest, flat quantity, and will be far additional valuable against jungle creeps in the early game when you haven’t gotten tanky however.

R: Curse of the Sad Mummy

This spell, along with his tendency to get counterjungled, is what Amumu is greatest recognized for. Amumu does… a thing, and all of a sudden all hostile targets about him are harm and “entangled” for a brief time. This hits a rather substantial region, and is astounding engage – your aim should really be to land a hit with Bandage Toss and stick to up with this, entangling as substantially as the enemy group as achievable.

I have to cease for just a second right here to clarify specifically what “entangling” is, and why it is particular – Amumu is really the only champ with this CC in the game. I really believed this was a snare (aka a “root”) till I double-checked my details, and a lot of players almost certainly believe it is a stun. It may perhaps surprise you, but I do double-verify my details – I just do not double-verify my opinions. These could really effectively be one hundred% incorrect.

Anyway, entangling! Getting entangled stops movements and auto attacks, but does not cease channels. You can not cease Katarina’s ult with Curse of the Sad Mummy, and you can not cease Fiddlesticks from charging up Crowstorm, to name a couple examples. Do not get confused! If there’s a Katarina on the enemy group, attempt to let your group know that you can not cease her ult with yours.

Additional detailed facts about Amumu’s skills can be located right here on the League of Legends Wiki.


Regular Buil



The initially develop is just an instance tank develop. Often develop what’s greatest to fight the enemy group comp with.

That aside, a couple issues to note about the constructed – initially off, Frozen Heart is a good item on Amumu. He’ll commonly be in the middle of the enemy group, creating complete use of the passive. Cooldown reduction is good on an AoE champ that desires to spam his skills. Mana assists with mentioned capacity spamming. It may perhaps disappoint you that you are not constructing well being initially-point just after buying Cinderhulk, but it is a excellent get. Switch out at your personal discretion. The rest of the products are selected to produce a excellent balance among HP, armor, magic resist, and cooldown reduction.

Now, the second develop – this is exactly where issues get fascinating. This is the legendary AP Amumu develop, which performs miracles in Silver if you can begin snowballing. Deathcap is selected as the initially item, for the reason that it’ll aid your clear additional than rushing Void Employees for harm against champs.

Rylai’s comes subsequent to set up for Liandry’s, and will aid you at least get a *tiny* tanky so you do not insta-die when jumping into the enemy group. Liandry’s is purchased at this spot in the develop it is at for the reason that your enemies will have sufficient HP to make the passive that substantially superior by that point in the game.

I was contemplating placing Abyssal right here, but without having possessing any genuine defense in this develop aside from your personal CC and a bit of well being, you are almost certainly going to die rather promptly in fights. Hourglass will aid you keep alive and give your hopefully not entirely useless teammates a bit of time to stick to up whilst your cooldowns are ticking down. Make positive you turn your W on just before you Hourglass – it’ll keep on and harm enemies whilst you are frozen.

Run the AP develop if you are carrying out effectively early, or if you just plain really feel like getting an ass. Amumu’s AP scaling may possibly not appear that excellent, but take into consideration the following two issues:

  • They’re nevertheless commonly sufficient to kill an ADC
  • You are going to be damaging a number of champs at after, correctly multiplying his ratios

If you are constructing AP and you get ahead, just play Amumu as a backline diver. If you have the harm, make it your priority to kill their squishy targets. You can generally stick to up a Q onto a tanky target with flash in order to get a single step closer to their backline, which in Silver, is closer than you believe. Their backline could really effectively be their frontline – it is not uncommon to see Graves at the front. Ult him excellent, and make positive to crack a “dead, or about to be” joke whilst you are at it.

By the way, I take the purple jungle enchant, what ever the hell it is named, for the reason that it assists Amumu sustain his mana in the jungle. Take what ever suits your playstyle or what ever.


Suggestions and Approaches

You can use your Q to escape by hitting jungle monsters more than walls, distant minions, distant champions – what ever you want. Don’t forget that it functions as each CC and mobility. I particularly try to remember a game I had a couple years ago quite shortly just after I had discovered how to jungle exactly where I was obtaining chased down by the enemy group and employed my Q to escape by hooking onto dragon from more than the wall. My group flipped their shit like they had by no means noticed somebody play Amumu just before. Hunting back, possibly they hadn’t – I’m not positive if I was level 30 however.

Make positive that whilst you are taking jungle camps with a number of monsters (i.e. actually all the things but Gromp), that you apply your passive magic resist by auto attacking every a single in succession, related to how Jarvan applies his passive. You will lessen the magic resist of your targets and do a tiny bit additional harm with your skills.

Your ult can be just as excellent of a disengage tool as it is an engage tool. There’s nothing at all shameful about ulting then basically walking away. It is not generally the time to make new good friends – some people today want to hurt you. When that takes place, initially, you inform them no – then, you get outta there.

Amumu excels at jumping on unexpecting teams that are taking dragon or Baron and turning fights about with his ult – but try to remember, the enemy jungler can nevertheless smite whilst they’re “entangled.” It is a challenging life for a mummy.


Pros and Cons

  • Fantastic harm in teamfights

  • Ult is amazing engage, and is effortlessly set up with Q or flash

  • Clears the jungle really effectively

  • Can carry Silver games if ahead with AP develop

  • Fair mobility, assuming there’s a thing for him to Q to

  • Killed quite effortlessly if counterjungled

  • Only CC outdoors of ult is effortlessly missed and blocked by minions/champions

  • Dependable on group to do harm if he does not develop it himself


Viability in Silver

Amumu has remained a strong choose in solo queue more than the years, and the cause is nevertheless the identical – unorganized play leads to a lot of scenarios exactly where he can choose somebody off or engage a fight whilst they enemy group has inferior numbers. Even without having constructing harm, he has a robust influence on fights with his ult alone.

With AP, even though, Amumu becomes a monster out for the blood of Silver players. He gains the capacity to effortlessly kill squishy champs, providing them subsequent to no time to escape if they get hit with his Q or Ult, or heck – if you are excellent sufficient with Amumu, flash+Q variety can be lots to place them in bandages.

As stated more than and more than once again, Amumu’s greatest danger is obtaining counterjungled. I’d almost certainly have provided him an A if it weren’t for the reality that each teams will immediately believe “counterjungle” as quickly as somebody picks Amumu. Nevertheless, counterjungling is a danger that can be hard to deal with no matter who you are playing in Silver basically due to the nature of slow, unreliable teammates. If you are afraid of obtaining counterjungled, you’d superior just not jungle at all. But if you are prepared to brave the field, you’d may possibly as effectively go major and attempt out AP Amumu.

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