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“Enter the Gungeon” Survival Guide

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“Enter the Gungeon” is a big favourite of Eric’s and he loves to create about the game. He desires to share guidance and approach with other individuals.

“Enter the Gungeon” Is a Challenging Game

Enter the Gungeon is not an simple game to beat. You need to fight lots of enemies and tough bosses.

This write-up will teach you suggestions to survive longer and beat the game a lot more frequently.

“Enter the Gungeon” Steam web page.

Know Your Enemies

Know What Your Enemies Do

One particular of the initial actions to taking much less harm is realizing what every single enemy does. It is tough to keep away from receiving shot if you are not positive what is coming.

Each enemy in the game has a pattern of some type, and it is vital to choose what targets are the most vital. Some enemies are a great deal a lot more annoying than other individuals.

Choose Who to Fight 1st

There are lots of variables to think about when deciding what enemy to go following initial. Some enemies shoot bullets at absolutely nothing although other individuals attempt to shoot straight at you.

Normally, the ones that chase you are a great deal a lot more risky.. I have a tendency to go following the most aggressive enemies initial.

Some Enemies Are Stronger Than Other folks

Specific enemies make other individuals stronger. You want to defeat them initial when doable. Of course, every little thing is situational.

Based on the layout of the space and exactly where every little thing is, you may possibly do issues differently.

Know the Variations In between the Characters

Every character in Enter the Gungeon is one of a kind and feels distinctive when you play them.

It is vital to discover these variations and to obtain the character you like playing the most.

I wrote a detailed guide about Each character in Enter the Gungeon. You can study it right here.

Be Defensive

You Have to have to Survive A lot of Fights

Keep in mind to be defensive although playing the game. You can’t win the game if you die.

You may possibly be considering that is apparent and that you currently know that. But there is a lot more to it than saying it and realizing it.

You have to have to do issues to enable in your survival as there are hordes of enemies to battle. It is vital to do what you can to keep away from harm.

Take Your Time

Take your time when fighting enemies as there is no time limit when clearing rooms.

I attempt to take on enemies 1 at a time. Generally have an region to fall back to or use as cover. Also, recall to use blanks.

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Use Blanks and Tables

Use blanks when enemies surround or corner you. Never neglect to flip tables and use them as cover. You can also roll more than flipped tables if they get in the way.

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Know Your Wellness Pickups

About Heart Containers

There are two sorts of heart containers in the game. There are half and complete heart containers.

These heart containers are bullet shells, and a complete heart is two shells. Employing heart containers is the principal way you will heal your self in Enter the Gungeon.

How to Get Added Heart Containers

You will obtain passive products that give your further heart containers. You can also purchase some of these products.

If you kill a common floor boss devoid of receiving hit, you will earn a Master Round. These rounds give you 1 heart container.

Save Added Heart Containers for Later

When you have complete wellness, choose up further heart containers you obtain. There is a machine that shops these further heart containers.

Never neglect to get these further hearts if you have to have them.

You can only shop heart containers for the present level you are in. You can see how lots of heart containers you at the moment collected on the map screen. There will be a tiny icon close to the bottom, displaying you.

About Armor

In addition to heart containers, you can also obtain the armor. Armor appears like tiny shields.

The game adds armor on to the finish of your present heart containers when you choose it up. When you take harm, you drop 1 armor and also trigger a blank impact.

Getting a lot of armor is just as beneficial as wellness, and you will want to get as lots of as you can.

I can save this heart container for later.

I can save this heart container for later.

“Enter the Gungeon”

This machine saves your extra heart containers for you.

This machine saves your further heart containers for you.

“Enter the Gungeon”

Be Cautious of How A great deal Curse You Acquire

Curse is an invisible stat you get from specific products and game events. Curse alterations the game in lots of techniques. Curse becomes a lot more noticeable when you have a lot of it.

I wrote a quite detailed guide about curse in Enter the Gungeon. You can study it right here.

Guidance on Shopping for Products

Getting Added Heart Containers Is Substantial

I constantly purchase specific products when I see them in shops. For instance, the game has different heart containers that boost your life points by 1.

Getting further life points is big, and I concentrate on acquiring these.

Stock up on Products Prior to Boss Fights

Prior to bosses, I occasionally commit my currency on blanks, wellness, and armor. It depends on the floor and how a great deal currency I at the moment have.

For the later floors, I do this most of the time. Specifically the floor 4 bosses.

One of the extra stores in the game.

One particular of the further shops in the game.

“Enter the Gungeon”

Info About Retailers and NPCs

There Are Several NPCs That Sell Products in the Game

There other shops in the game other than the common shop. You will have to have to obtain and save these NPCs initial ahead of you can purchase issues from them.

  • Two shops permit you to purchase certain products with your currency.
  • Cursula sells you quite affordable products, but she also curses you in the procedure. Be cautious!
  • There is also 1 NPC that sells you products when you give them keys.

You Can Sell Products (In some cases)

In some cases on floors and in shops there will be a NPC you can sell products to. This NPC is the Sell Creep.

You can sell products by dropping them on the grate close to it. This is a fantastic way of receiving rid of guns you never want. You can also sell junk for a tiny bit of currency.

You Can Steal Products

If you really feel like getting naughty you can steal products in the game. There are a number of techniques to do this.

This frequently includes making use of products that turn you invisible or grab issues quite rapidly.

Stealing products provides your curse. Also if you get caught stealing an item that NPC will under no circumstances sell you products once more. So till the subsequent run!

I frequently will under no circumstances steal from the principal shop till the fourth floor. This is simply because following this floor there are no a lot more common shops.

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So if you steal a thing right here and he leaves it does not matter any longer. There is no space for ethics in Enter the Gungeon!

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Info About Products

A Bird in the Hand Is Worth Two in the Bush

“A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” is an old proverb.

It suggests it is much better to appreciate and use what you have at the moment have.Rather of waiting for much better issues in the future.

Do not be afraid to purchase affordable products that enable you a lot early on in runs. You have to have to beat the early levels to survive to the tougher ones.

Passive products are the most effective

Passive products are some of the most effective products you can get in the game. With sufficient passive item boosts, your character will be powerful even with weak guns.

I purchase products that increase my character passively anytime I can.

Use Active Products Frequently

Use active products frequently. These products are no excellent if you under no circumstances use them!

I made use of to believe it would most effective save these products for “the right moment”. I discovered following hours of playing the game, the most effective time to use these products is proper away.

This enables you to use them the most frequently.

If you start out as the pilot or obtain specific passive products, you can hold two active products. If you have two active products, never neglect to switch in between them.

Find out About Products Employing the Wiki

There are a lot of synergies in between products. To get these useful rewards, it is vital to obtain lots of products. The Gamepedia wiki is a fantastic spot to discover about products and guns.

Guidance on Employing Chests

Open Chests Frequently

I open chests just about every likelihood I can. I know some individuals keep away from opening brown chests and wait to obtain rarer ones.

I occasionally do this later in a run, but early on, I open what ever I can get. Some of the much less uncommon products and guns are nevertheless useful.

Never Be so Swift to Destroy Chests

Prior to destroying a chest, wait and see if you obtain a crucial on the floor. Killing bosses is a way to obtain keys. You can purchase keys from the shop as nicely.

Use the Lockpick

Never neglect about making use of the lockpick when you play as the pilot or obtain the item following unlocking it.

If the lockpick fails to open a chest, it destroys the lock, and the chest is now permanently stuck closed.

If There Are No Keys Destroy the Chest

Destroying chests occasionally is the most effective solution. You will most most likely get junk when destroying chests.

In some cases you get fortunate and get a gun or an item when you destroy a chest.

Stand Back Prior to Shooting a Chest

If you do choose to destroy a chest, make positive you do not stand as well close. Chests occasionally explode when destroyed.

Some Chests Have Fuses

If a chest has a fuse, it will explode when the fuse runs out. You can place the fuse out if you have some system of receiving liquid on it.

The different chests you can find in the game.

The distinctive chests you can obtain in the game.

“Enter the Gungeon”

A blue chest.

A blue chest.

“Enter the Gungeon”

Be Cautious of Mimics

What Are Mimics?

Mimics are a prevalent enemy in fantasy games. They frequently are creatures that pretend to be treasure that then attacks the players.

Enter the Gungeon has a number of sorts of Mimics, and they all quite annoying. I am going to clarify how to deal with them all.

About Chest Mimics

Prior to approaching a chest, appear at it for a handful of seconds. If the chest moves, it is a mimic.

The principal way to detect a mimic is to notice the mouth move as it breathes. I largely shoot the chests to be positive.

Far better excellent chests are stronger mimics, and killing a Mimic gets you an item just like you opened a chest.

Boss Pedestal Mimics

Boss loot pedestals can also be mimics! These ones are partially sneaky as I frequently neglect to verify for them.

The principal way to inform is to shoot the pedestal. Mimic pedestals have a distinctive pattern and are a distinctive size than regular.

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Wall Mimics

Hardly ever a piece of the wall will be a mimic. It will detach and start out to shoot and attack you. These mimics are tough to detect simply because of how random they are.

Mimic Gun

I have not observed this myself ahead of, but there is a Mimic gun. In some cases when choosing up guns, they will turn into this gun.

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The Mimic gun is an annoyance simply because you cannot drop it till you do sufficient harm. At that point, you get the original gun you picked up back.

The Door Lord

The Door Lord is the most annoying Mimic of them all. The Door Lord is a quite uncommon boss that can replace any Floor two, 3, or 4 bosses.

There is about a 1.three% likelihood of this boss appearing. So never really feel as well poor if you die the initial time you see it. I did simply because the fight is tough.

Mimic Tooth Necklace

If you have the Mimic Tooth Necklace, just about every chest and item pedestal will be a Mimic. This can be a excellent or poor point.

It is excellent simply because you under no circumstances have to have to use a crucial to get chest products ever once more. It is poor simply because now you have to have to fight just about every chest.

Ring of Mimic Friendship

If you have the Ring of Mimic Friendship, there will be no mimics in a run at all.

What If You Have Each the Mimic Tooth Necklace and Ring of Mimic Friendship?

If you have each products then just about every chest will be unlocked and absolutely nothing will be a Mimic.

A mimic in Enter the Gungeon.

A mimic in Enter the Gungeon.

“Enter the Gungeon”

Info About Guns

Preserve on Employing Excellent Guns When You Can

A excellent approach is to hold making use of a gun if you like it. Never be concerned about reloading and making use of just about every gun you obtain.

In some cases I can clear the second and third floor making use of 1 decent gun.

Keep in mind to use any ammo you obtain proper away. The Resource Rat constantly steals ammo if you leave it alone for as well extended.

Two Ammo Crates

There are two sorts of ammo pickups in Enter the Gungeon. Red and Green.

Red containers refill all your gun’s ammo a small. Green containers totally refill the present gun you are holding.

A green ammo container.

A green ammo container.

“Enter the Gungeon”

A red ammo container.

A red ammo container.

“Enter the Gungeon”

Under no circumstances Leave Ammo or Guns Behind!

If you leave a drop in a space nearly one hundred% of the time the Resource Rat will steal it from you.

You should really constantly choose up ammo even if your gun is largely nevertheless loaded. Generally grab a gun. Even if you never like it you could get a likelihood to sell it.


“Enter the Gungeon”

About the Pots and Products in the Game

These products will under no circumstances have any drops for you. An NPC in the game even tells you and I believed that was funny.

Also seldom when a thing breaks pots, you will be attacked by a gun fairy.

This is so uncommon I have a mild panic attack when it occurs. Specifically through boss fights.

Concerns &amp Answers

Query: What does Beast Mode do in Enter the Gungeon?

Answer: Beast Mode is a setting that is located in the gameplay choices. Turning on this mode does not have an effect on gameplay in any way, but beating the game with the solution on unlocks the Beast Master achievement. Unlocking this achievement unlocks the Bait Launcher gun.

Query: Can you kill the shopkeeper in Enter the Gungeon?

Answer: No, you can not defeat him. If you shoot sufficient instances in the shop or steal an item, he will shoot at you till you leave the shop. As soon as the shopkeeper leaves, he will be gone for the rest of this floor, and will not show up in future floors.

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