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[GUIDE] How I played Amumu and got to plat with ~70% win rate. : summonerschool

This is my Amumu guide that I can say with out a doubt functions in low elo scenarios (plat and reduced). Retain in thoughts that I am only plat rather than Diamond+ so do not treat my words like gospel, but I feel nearly any one attempting to play Amumu will discover some thing useful in right here. So right here it is:

  • Starting the game/Forming a game program: The very first factor you Need to do is produce a gameplan from the loading screen. Appear at what lanes will be pushing in for every group. In the starting if you are not made use of to performing that you could get it incorrect a couple of instances, but it will get less complicated with practical experience. Frequently lane pushing is a champion-primarily based aspect of the game which means it does not rely on player talent except in particular matchups. This suggests you can commonly accurately ascertain which lanes will be pushing or at least which lanes really should be pushing. You really should also appear at all your laners followups and the enemy laners escapes. Assume about how you can land your amumu q on them. I.e. if you see a fizz top rated with ignite and tp, you will need to bait out his e in order to land Q and he will be insta-dead if you do that. If you see a a kassadin mid you most likely cant land Q post-six with out an extraordinary bait by your mid laner or working with your personal ultimate to lock him in location. Just feel about these points but do not automatically go for the lane it will be easiest to land your Q on. You will need to feel about your laner followup as nicely.

  • Picking a Jungle path: In order to get improved at this game I on a regular basis spectate higher elo amumu games on lolking replays in order to scout out new strats and improvements, so I can fairly significantly say with out a doubt that there are a couple of fundamental paths you really should study for amumu and I have fairly significantly carried out them all at one particular point or one more. It is primarily based on lane matchup, jungler matchup, your style, and so forth… generally each aspect of the early game goes into deciding on your path, but in most scenarios it wont be also tough when you get the hang of it.

  • Path 1 (Early lvl four and jungle item): This is the path I take most games. It is a leashless path that goes raptors –&gt red –&gt wolves –&gt blue –&gt gromp. By the time you get to wolves you will run out of mana but do not be concerned about it. When you get to gromp you happen to be gunna feel you happen to be gunna die but do not be concerned about that either I swear you can kill it simply. Although you happen to be performing blue you will need to ward the scuttle crab location when kiting your blue buff back. This alerts you to invades and alerts your laners to ganks. I do this each time regardless of what side the jungler has selected to start out if I pick to do path 1. The cause for this is I have been caught ahead of by some extremely delayed and stupid invades but they perform if you do not do this ward so just play it protected. This is the strongest early farm route for amumu so you do it one hundred% of the time assuming you do not get invaded and you are not going to do an early gank. I have spectated higher elo players that do complete clear with smiteless leash on one particular of their buffs having said that I am fairly positive that is inferior to this route as far as complete clears go basically bc you will need to do scuttle in order to attain lvl four and it also is way slower which delays your lvl four and your ganks as a outcome.

  • Path two (Early ganks): Path two is fantastic if you see a pushing in top rated lane or mid lane (Just a side note you nearly by no means wanna gank bot at lvl three as amumu if you can assistance it bc your lane will either be also pushed or their lane will have the lvl benefit). Fundamentally if you appear at the top rated lane and/or mid lane matchup (in particular top rated) and you feel you have an effortless ass kill for no cost that you can choose up, you really should start out this route. It goes smiteless bot lane buff –&gt raptors(wolves from time to time) –&gt top rated lane buff –&gt gank. Quite straight forward.

  • Path three(Assistance me they invaded bot lane buff lvl 1): This one particular is super situational and only if you get counter jungled, its also not extremely protected so you will need to make positive that your top rated laner comes and aids you for this one particular. If they invade your bot side buff you are going to attempt to invade their raptors and red buff (commonly beginning with red buff in this case) or just blue buff if you happen to be red side. This does not usually perform and if it fails you just go back to your personal top rated side buffs which is unfortunate but improved than practically nothing. Note that this only is a factor if they in fact take your bot side buff not just “invade” it hunting for a kill. When once more, throughout this complete workout you will need to be conscious of exactly where their top rated laner and mid laner are so that you do not die needlessly. Dying is way worse than receiving three buffed. When you clear their top rated side jungle clear your personal top rated side jungle and then just verify on your bot side jng and see the damages. If they only took your bot side buff you finish up coming out on top rated in fact which is hella good.

  • Construct order: 99/one hundred games you will be going tank. It is general far superior to ap. I am not going to go into facts of when to go ap since it is so uncommon, but if you genuinely like ap amumu hes not that terrible so I guess go for it. Typical develop rn is Cinderhulk enchant with the blue smite –&gt ninja tabi –&gt Glacial shroud –&gt abyssal scepter mask –&gt liandry’s –&gt Gargoyle stoneplate. The very first four products I talked about are fairly significantly crucial except tabis can be switched with merc treads in some scenarios (possibly mobis as nicely) and you can forgo the glacial shroud against heavy ap. If they really have all ad or all ap harm you can develop differently having said that I will not go into detail. This is the cookie-cutter develop you will use in 9/ten games so just concentrate on this one particular till you run into an uncommon game.

  • Q and you: Your Q is a extremely significant portion of your kit, and the most significant guidance I can give is, try to remember that it is a stun. If you overlook your Q is a stun, slap your self till you try to remember. You will need to layer it with the rest of your teams cc as you would any other cc. Do not just waste it. What I imply by layer it is lets just say you hit a three-man flash ult. Now theyre all in your ult cc. A lesser player would straight away Q for a lot more harm, a slightly lesser player would save their Q till their enemy is receiving away then try to hit it, meanwhile a genuinely great player will save their q till the finish of ult duration and Quickly use it on the particular person they want to kill so that that particular person continues to be disabled and dies speedy with out obtaining a possibility to do something. You also will need to max Q second immediately after your E in like 99% of games. This is bc it lowers your Q’s cd which is crucial for working with it numerous instances in a fight. A further trick about hitting Q is that you will need to “interrupt the flow of your opponent” ahead of you hit it raw commonly. In a lot of larger elo games as quickly as you show your self your opponent will straight away start out hunting for the Q and start out juking. Ignore that, DO NOT THROW YOUR Q Till YOUR Certain YOU CAN HIT IT, and then stroll up to them and just autoattack them. When they are good and comfy and fairly positive you are not going to Q them, that is is when you hit them Quickly. If they are genuinely difficult at juking just wait till you have ult up and just ult them very first then Q into them for the additional stun just like I mentioned earlier. You can in fact solo kill most mid laners, adcs, and even squishy junglers in the mid game in particular if you have ult. You will do a lot more harm than you feel which is but one more cause I do not recommend going ap for a lot more damge.

**Little  Suggestions Section** 

1. When you have lvl six your bot lane ganks are super effective, If the enemy is pushed up you can fuck them ahead of their jungle can do something even if he counter ganks. If you counter gank an enemy jungler in bot post-six you can also commonly guarentee at least one particular kill assuming your bot lane isnt dying horrendously. 
two. Flash ult is extremely extremely extremely great but use it only when you happen to be positive you can do some thing.
three. The cause you will need frozen heart is for mana and cdr (in addition to becoming unkillable by advertisements). You can develop with out it but you will need to handle your mana improved.
four. Liandry's 4th item is just a godsend for your harm when you have your core tanky products. If you want to go super tank you can develop with out it but you will need to make positive your group has lots (and I imply lots) of harm with out you and that they are not boosted apes. Liandry's is great for amumu against each tanks and squishies so I invest in it most games 4th item due to the fact it just does ridonkulous harm.
five. Never panic if you get invaded. This is just a mindset factor, but you will get invaded a lot as amumu and if you panic each time you will tilt terribly. Just concentrate on what you can do rather than what you cannot do. Also do not inform your self you can fight for your buff just since you want they coulnd't invade so simply. You can not fight for your buff quit telling your self that. When you get great sufficient you will know when you can go for a smite fight and when you cannot, but till you happen to be there do not do it.
six. When once more, your Q is super dodgeable. Never just be throwing that shit out at max variety or flash Q'ing at max variety against great players bc they will dodge it. Theres a distinction amongst "missing" and "dodging," you are not "missing" this talent shot when you throw it at max variety and they juke it. They are dodging it, and they can do that as significantly as they want. This is various if you happen to be throwing from fog of war. A good location to throw from fog of war is from the raptor camp into mid lane. In this case you can throw Q from max variety and then dive the mid laner or just kill them for no cost.
7. Raptors are a super significant camp for all junglers correct now, but in particular for amumu since you kill them so quickly and they give so significantly xp and gold. Take them all the time, and they are also one particular of the very first camps you can counter jungle from your opponents.
eight. Concentrate on objectives, this applies to each elo with each champion as nicely, but when you happen to be playing a significant teamfighter like amumu you will need to be super objective-conscious. When you win a teamfight straight away take each objective you can and counterjungle the enemy jungler to shit if you can.
9. Ultimately, a extremely significant note to add on to the object factor: defend your tower. A lot of higher elo junglers I've spectated do not even do this since they are made use of to playing junglers that suck at defending towers so when three men and women show up mid lane they commonly just go to make a play elsewhere. When you happen to be playing amumu you thrive in these scenarios and you can commonly make kills out of them. If you see a three man mid push run to your raptors and wait till they push in, and then make your play. If your group collapses appropriately you can save your tower, kill them, and get their tower. It really is a attractive factor and it really is in fact underused in a lot of of the higher elo matches I spectated. Commonly the only guys who did it correct have been junglers with 50+ amumu games beneath their belt, but surprisingly low elo junglers do it improved due to the fact defending towers is a lot more popular at reduced elos due to the reality that three man pushes are a lot more harmful in low elo due to the fact players will probably not have vision about their push and not know when they are overextending.

I hope you enjoyed this guide that I wrote in order to procrastinate studying for my Object oriented style exam. On that note I will retire with one particular final piece of guidance: make positive to complement your teammates when they play nicely, and inspire them with hope when they play badly since amumu is nevertheless a group dependent champion and you will need your idiot teammates to not suck. Ciao.

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