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How to Counter Ahri with Yasuo

Welcome to How To Counter Ahri With Yasuo.

Countering Ahri with Yasuo calls for a lot much more than a effectively timed wind wall, but it will come in handy.

To win in this matchup you are going to need to have to prove that Yasuo can be played in any elo (“Check my win rate on op.gg bro! Yas is fine for Bronze!”). On prime of the talent you will need to have from a lot of matches worth of practice with Yasuo, there are precise strategies that you can apply when playing as Yasuo against Ahri. In this post we will cover how these strategies relate to the laning phase, itemization and late game approach.

Laning against Ahri with Yasuo

The Essential Windwall

Yasuo has the prospective to block all the harm from an Ahri capability rotation with a single windwall. The windwall thoughts games are going to be one particular of the most essential factors to take into account when laning against Ahri. A very good Ahri will attempt to bait out your windwall with fundamental attacks – do not waste it on them. The most essential factor to block will usually be her charm. It amplifies her harm and turns you into a samurai committing seppuku as your stroll towards your death. The dishonor of course was permitting oneself to be hit by it.

Do not just let her poke you tho

Saving your windwall does not imply letting Ahri poke you down willy nilly. Ahri may just Q, W and AA you to grind you down if she knows you are just going to save your windwall for her E. Make positive you dodge the return of her orb, that is the aspect which does correct harm. In the case you can use minions to move about, you will out harm ahri by dodging her Q and having on prime of her. Try to remember that even from a close variety you can block Ahri’s E by listening for its distinct sound impact when she casts it.

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Denying sustain

Following each and every 9 hits on enemies via skills, Ahri’s subsequent Q will heal her for every enemy unit hit. You will know when her subsequent Q is going to heal by seeing when the orb she carries turns green. Ahri will attempt to hit a entire minion wave and you with each movements of her Q to get max healing. If the case is that Ahri is on low well being and you want to deny sustain, bait her green Q out by standing in line with your minions. When casted, you can windwall it. Following you do this even though you will have to be cautious about her charm.

Playing with cooldowns in thoughts

Try to remember that even if you do block Ahri’s charm with your W, the cooldown is substantially reduced than your W. She will have it back up in half the time. Securing trades in your favor will be primarily based on playing about her cooldowns. When Ahri has utilised her Q, get in there. When she has her E, be cautious and bear in mind your W. You can W as you E to block the charm as you engage.

Wave management

Maintaining the wave on your side of the lane is excellent. Ahri has to get fairly close to the wave to effectively clear with her Q which provides you an chance to trade though she is Q-significantly less. To a degree she is vulnerable to ganks, mainly because her only types of escape are her ult and the movement speed she gets from hitting numerous enemies with skills. 

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Hitting six

The presence of your windwall will place the very first five levels of the lane in your favor. When Ahri hits six even though, she has a way of having about your wind wall and dodging your knock up. Her dash is on a substantially longer cooldown than your knockup, but there will be instances exactly where she is forced to use her dash to escape. Anytime her ult is down, the tide is back in your favor. Retain in thoughts that she can only use her a charge of her ult when per second. So if you bait out the very first dash though you have a tornado in hand, you have a one particular second window to land a knockup. You can of course land an EQ knock up to make sure an ult as effectively.

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Taking ignite against Ahri as Yasuo is a valid choice. Exhaust will not quit her from ulting out, but ignite will assistance you burst her down when you can land a good ult. 

The Level two Cheese (Of the mature cheddar selection)

You will win trades in which you do not get hit by E, but you will be vulnerable to poke. You can commence E to avert Ahri from poking you down at level 1 by making use of the minions to get up genuine close. Ahri is vulnerable to a level two max harm E cheese. Do not underestimate Yasuo’s early E harm prime with a Q. You will also be in a position to block her Q harm with your shield. Major it off with an ignite and you have got oneself a very first blood. 

Levels 1-five need to be a breeze, but for the rest usually retain her ult in thoughts.

Ahri vs Yasuo: Runes and Itemization

Conqueror, boi

Conqueror is the go-to rune for Yasuo in practically all match ups. He stacks it up simply and the healing and harm is brilliant. If you doubt your dodging skills, Fleet Footwork will retain you sustained in the laning phase and offer you with some additional movement speed to dodge. Conqueror will scale substantially far better even though. Provided the benefit you have in the very first five levels, Conqueror is the far better option.

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A couple tweaks to the normal create

For a guide on how to ordinarily create Yasuo, verify out Mobafire.

If you are getting a rough time, a QSS will assistance when you have been caught out by a unsafe E.  You can create it into a Mercurial Scimitar. If their group is stacking AP, you could opt for Merc Treads alternatively of Beserker’s. To go even deeper into magic resist, you can get a Wit’s Finish. Just do not get it on prime of Beserker’s, mainly because you will cap out the cooldown reduction on Q due to bonus attack speed. At 116% bonus attack speed, your Q’s cooldown no longer shortens. Excess attack speed is wasted on Yasuo.

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Late Game

Not substantially diverse crackalacking right here

From levels six – 16, Ahri has much more map stress than you. She can use her ult to swiftly get in and out of fights, though you only have an engage. Do your very best to obtain an early lead then spread it just before Ahri can make an influence at other areas in the map.

Following level 16 you will be providing much more to teamfights than Ahri. With a very good knock up you can dish out way much more harm then she will. Retain the reality that Ahri can only use her ult when per second in thoughts. Watch her meticulously and go for the knockup in that 1 second space when she cant dodge.

Final Thoughts

If you can take benefit of the very first five levels which favor you, you need to be in a position to carry it into the mid to late game and assistance out about the map. Properly timed wind walls will certainly be required.

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