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Jeffrey Epstein Filthy Rich: Maria, Annie Farmer tell their story

In 1996, two sisters, Maria and Annie Farmer, reported Jeffrey Epstein to the FBI saying he’d sexually assaulted them, so how did he handle to keep totally free and terrorise hundreds of much more ladies?

    It was 2002 and Vanity Fair journalist Vicky Ward had been asked by her editor to create a piece about Jeffrey Epstein. She’d heard of him but didn’t know significantly about the billionaire financier.

    “He was a figure of mystery, he was kind of like a real-life Jay Gatsby,” recalled Vicky to AM to DM in July 2019. “He lived in New York’s largest private residence and yet no one knew the source of his wealth … he claimed to be the money manager for billionaires but he never said which billionaires. There was no trace of him, no footprint in the trading market. He was known for a circle of extremely influential friends.”

    These buddies incorporated Bill Clinton, Donald Trump and Prince Andrew. Epstein was a monetary genius who owned a private island and was usually noticed on the New York social scene with his British socialite companion Ghislaine Maxwell.

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    Donald Trump, Melania Trump, Jeffrey Epstein, and Ghislaine Maxwell pose with each other at the Mar-a-Lago club, Palm Beach, Florida, February 12, 2000. Image: Davidoff Studios/Getty Pictures


    But regardless of becoming in a partnership, in specific circles he was recognized for his penchant for compulsion for younger ladies. In 2002, Donald Trump even alluded to Epstein’s preference, saying: “I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy,” he told New York Magazine. “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.”

    Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump in 1997. Image: Davidoff Studios/Getty Pictures.

    But as Vicky set out to create the society piece on Epstein, she was hit by some shocking revelations. Epstein didn’t just like younger ladies, he liked young girls. And he didn’t let age or consent get in the way of his disgusting urges.

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    Vicky was place in touch with sisters Maria and Anna Farmer who’d each had separate and terrifying encounters exactly where they mentioned Epstein had molested them.

    Maria Farmer initial met Epstein and Ghislaine in 1995 when she was 25 and a budding artist at the New York Academy of Art. She specialised in painting nudes and usually utilized her adolescent sisters as models, taking photographs of them naked or partially clothed. Epstein, then 43, showed a unique interest in Maria’s perform and purchased some of her paintings.

    Staying in touch, he provided her a job acquiring art on his behalf. As they go to know every other, Epstein also showed an interest in her 16-year-old sister, Annie. Vibrant-eyed Annie Farmer was deciding which college to go study at and Epstein mentioned he could assistance. Inviting her to New York, the sisters and Epstein went to see a film and he started rubbing Annie’s hand and reduce leg.

    Annie wrote in a diary entry dated January 25, 1996.

    Seeming ever beneficial, Epstein then provided to host Annie once again, this time for a weekend away at his ranch in New Mexico. She believed there would be other students there as well, but when she arrived was shocked to obtain it was just her, Epstein and Maxwell.

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    Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell at The 2005 Wall Street Concert Series. Image: Joe Schildhorn/Patrick McMullan by means of Getty Pictures.

    In the course of that trip Annie says she was forced to give Epstein a foot massage and Maxwell gave her a massage which she felt uncomfortable with. Then a single morning Epstein got into bed with her and insisted they cuddle.

    Locking away what had occurred to her in her thoughts, Annie didn’t inform any individual about the awful encounters at Epstein’s ranch but the horror stayed with her.


    With no clue about what Annie had been by means of, older sister Maria was operating at Epstein’s Ohio estate in the summer season of 1996 when he and Maxwell came to keep. 1 evening Epstein asked Maria for a foot rub and, even though it produced her really feel uncomfortable, she felt obligated to do it for the reason that of every little thing he’d completed for her. Then she says Maxwell joined them on the bed and Epstein and Maxwell started groping her. In worry of becoming raped, she fled the space.

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    The subsequent day when she realised nude photographs she’d taken of Annie and her other 12-year-old sister had been missing, Maria started to panic. Calling Annie, the horrifying truth came tumbling out. They’d each been sexually assaulted by Epstein.

    Determined to quit him, Maria fled to New York and reported him but was told it wasn’t their jurisdiction. She then named the FBI and reported him but by no means heard back.

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    Annie Farmer (left) and Courtney Wild (proper), alleged victims of Jeffrey Epstein, outdoors a federal court following a bail hearing for Jeffrey Epstein on July 15, 2019. Image: Drew Angerer/Getty Pictures

    So when the Farmer sisters heard about Vicky Ward’s piece on Epstein for Vanity Fair, they bravely decided to inform their story. Vicky also spoke to their mum which meant she had a third supply on record. But just after writing up the piece which detailed Epstein’s gross behaviour, Vicky hit a roadblock.

    Her editor Graydon Carter pulled the stories of sexual abuse from her piece, claiming there wasn’t sufficient proof to back up what the Farmer sisters had mentioned.

    “It came down to my sources’ word against Epstein’s,” she wrote in The Day-to-day Beast in 2015, adding that “at the time Graydon believed Epstein.”

    Vanity Fair journalist Vicky Ward says she attempted to expose Jeffrey Epsteins behaviour numerous years ago.

    Vicky mentioned possessing their voices taken out of the story was devastating for the Farmer sisters, “They felt this was exactly what they feared would happen — that they wouldn’t be believed.”

    The piece that did run ‘The Mysterious Mr. Epstein’ wasn’t a glowing evaluation of the billionaire but it surely didn’t do the sort of harm to his profession or reputation that the disgusting truth would have. And of course Epstein was permitted to continue till he was at some point jailed in 2008 for lesser charges of procuring an underage girl for prostitution and of soliciting a prostitute.

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    ‘The Talented Mr. Epstein’ magazine function on Jeffrey Epstein in Vanity Fair.

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    When all of the sordid specifics of Epstein’s life had been at some point exposed in 2019 and his reputation was in tatters, Vicky tweeted about her aggravation at not becoming capable to name and shame him all these years ago.

    she wrote.

    Responding in a statement to the New York Instances, former editor-in-chief of Vanity Fair Graydon Carter mentioned: “I respected the work Vicky Ward did at Vanity Fair, but unfortunately her recounting of the facts around the Epstein article is inaccurate. There were not three sources on the record, and therefore this aspect of the story did not meet our legal and editorial standards.”

    Mugshot of Jeffrey Epstein taken by the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Workplace on July 27 2006. Image: AP Photo/Palm Beach Sheriff’s Workplace.Epstein just after his arrest on March 28 2017. Image: New York State Sex Offender Registry by means of AP, File.

    It is heartbreakingly frustrating to consider how differently the story could have played out if the Farmer sisters had been believed in 2002. Even much more of a tragedy, if Epstein had been effectively investigated when Maria Farmer had reported him to the FBI, then he potentially could have been stopped 24 years ago, saving hundreds of girls from heartache.

    With Epstein now dead just after taking his personal life in his cell in August 2019 although on charges for kid trafficking of minors, his victims will by no means get to see accurate justice be served. The only hope is that the legacy for his victims is that much more ladies are believed when they report sexual assault.


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