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Evelynn was placing on finishing touches to her makeup when she known as to Akali from the bathroom.

“You almost ready, hon?”

“Yeah, just lemme get my shoes,” she heard Akali reply.

Now’s the moment, she believed. A single final touch of mascara and then she sauntered out of the bathroom, letting her clicking stilettos herald her arrival.

Evelynn knew that she was beautiful. If there was something she could confidently bet on, it would be her appears. Much more importantly, she knew how to milk it for just about every final drop of praise.

She stopped in their bedroom doorway top to the living area, draped a single arm more than her head (she stole that move from Kai’Sa) and one more on her hip.

“Well?” she prompted, even even though she was confident knew the answer.

Individuals have told her that she is unreadable considerably of the time, but to her, her girlfriend is far worse. With the mask on, Akali appears standoffish, aloof, bored even. She’s comparatively quiet. All you could see have been her eyes but that is like reading a cipher without having recognizing how to decode. It took Evelynn a when just before she realized that Akali was just shy, but after she grew to trust you, she could be loud and audacious.

She felt the exact same way for a lengthy when, like she had to maintain up her holier-than-thou Primadonna facade in front of everyone. There could be no imperfection, not even for a short moment. She’s only ever unraveled in front of her band members, but with Akali? Only in front of Akali has she ever felt comfy adequate to scream with delight when she laughed. With her, she could really feel that mask melting away and she believed Akali felt the exact same.

“Pretty,” was Akali’s reply.

Flattering. But not her usual response.

“Aren’t you getting ready?” she asked.

Evelynn after stopped singing in the middle of a concert mainly because she didn’t like the backup track that was utilized. She had that sort of reputation she’d throw a match if even the slightest point was not the way she liked it. She had even performed so with other dates.

“I am ready,” Akali told her.

“But you’re wearing sweatpants, and a hoodie. We’re going to a nice restaurant,” she mentioned. If it have been any person else she’d be indignant, but of all men and women–the rapper, her rogue–she anticipated far more from Akali. “Your shoes aren’t even tied!”

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“Ah, I was too lazy. You know me.”

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Evelynn furrowed her brow. “Too lazy to dress up for your girlfriend? For me?”

“Whoa, Eve, I didn’t say that–”

“Then…just! Argh!” Exasperated, Evelynn stopped herself and sighed heavily, holding her forehead in her hand.

“Eve, I’m sorry, I’ll go change.”

“No, no, it’s fine,” she told her.

“Are you sure? I can take this off if you want. I’ll put on something better.”

Evelynn leaned against the wall, taking a deep breath. “No, it’s…not a big deal. You can do whatever you want.”

“Hey, c’mon baby,” Akali whispered soothingly, walking up to her. Evelynn looked away, pouting. Akali left space among them. “Sorry, babe, I didn’t think you’d care all that much.”

“Yes, you do!” she snapped, “You know full well how long I’ve been looking forward to this night!”

Akali rubbed the back of her neck, her forehead wrinkling with deep believed. “Yeah, uh, I mean…yeah.” She didn’t come any closer, there was a great two feet among her and Eve.

Evelynn folded her arms, glaring at her more than her glasses. Akali pretty much started to appear embarrassed.

“I’ll, uh, I’ll go change.”

Evelynn scowled at the ground. She was quiet for a deadly, ponderous moment just before she hissed, “Just hurry up so we’re not late.” And then Akali slinked previous her into the bedroom, shutting the door.

Eve ran her nails by means of her hair in annoyance. It helped calm her down, feeling the light, tingling of trail of nails on her scalp, brushing by means of her hair gently.

I cannot think her, she believed. Was our date not that vital to her? Am I not worth dressing up for?

No. No, Evelynn, that is ridiculous, she told herself. A sore aspect of her didn’t think that.

Perhaps she is not thrilled by you any longer.

She clicked her tongue and walked more than to the couch, plopped herself down, crossed her legs and folded her arms, like she was guarding herself. She just realized she was cold and the exposed skin wasn’t assisting. But Akali was nevertheless in the bedroom altering and the believed of obtaining to go see her right after she snapped like that produced her really feel sick to her stomach.

It wasn’t lengthy just before Akali lastly came out. Skinny jeans, jacket, usual hat and mask.

“Is this okay?”

Evelynn squeezed her lips collectively. “It’s fine.”

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Akali looked unconvinced. “If something is bothering you, just say it.”

Now Evelynn was the unreadable a single. Akali couldn’t inform whether or not she produced her even far more irritated with her query or with her dress. She started to appear regretful.

“At least tie your shoes,” Evelynn told her. She pretended not to appear at her and with her glasses she achieved such, but her tapping foot gave away her annoyance. “You’ll trip,” she added far more quietly.

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Akali smiled at this. It was Evelynn’s way of saying sorry.

She threw her hands up, chuckling. “Alright, alright, you win,” she mentioned, kneeling down, “Get your phone out, babe, this is once in a lifetime.”

Some thing in Evelynn’s shoulders softened. “Oh?” Are you lastly cleaning up your act?”

“I’m going clean, baby. Just for you. No more ‘sloppy Akali’.”

Evelynn couldn’t hide her smile now, nevertheless how little. We’re back to joking like we utilized to, she believed to herself. But her pride wouldn’t be simply swallowed.

Reaching for her telephone, she mentioned, “Well, I’m sure Kai’Sa would like to know that she no longer has to clean up after you. Ahri’s next.”

She turned the telephone camera on, and froze.

The very first point Evelynn saw was a glittering white diamond.

It wasn’t till right after a moment of disbelief that she was in a position to take it all in. A gold band encrusted with a white diamond, cushioned in a deep purple velvet box in Akali’s hands.

“Hey, pretty lady, wanna marry me?”

Evelynn looked up from her telephone screen, nevertheless in a daze, checking to see if what she was seeing was actual. But to her luck and joy, it was incredibly, incredibly actual.

She looked up to see Akali, grinning from ear to ear, so wide that her eyes squinted and her cheeks turned red. Evelynn turned off her telephone screen and it set it beside her.

“Are…are you serious?”

“Of course, baby.”

“This was all a prank?!”

Akali turned redder. “Are you mad at me?” she asked sheepishly.

“I…oh god, baby, I…” Evelynn brought her hands to her mouth as she stumbled for words. She was identified for her composure but at the moment she was fully losing it. She tore off her glasses and buried her face in her hands, feeling herself develop hot and overwhelmed.

“I don’t know if I can be mad at my wife!” she wailed.

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“Aw, baby,” Akali sighed, laughing, pulling in her fiance for a hug with a single arm when meticulously balancing the box in her other hand when Evelynn let her stonecold self soften, melt into Akali’s embrace.

“I hate you, I hate you so much,” she kept blubbering, “That was so mean, I thought you didn’t love me anymore.”

“Aw, no, I’m sorry, baby, I guess I went a little too far.”

Evelynn squirmed out of Akali’s arms to appear her in the eye, make-up starting to run. “Bitch!” She pulled Akali’s face to her mouth and kissed her more than and more than, leaving lipstick stains and tears on her cheeks, on the bridge of her mouth, and smearing it more than her lips and laughing in among. Akali snapped the box shut in a single hand and let it tumble onto the couch, now working with her no cost hands pull Evelynn’s face closer to hers, if such a point have been even probable.

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And there, on the floor by their couch, they became a heap of tears and smudged makeup and wet skin and “I love you”s reduce off by the pressing of a single another’s lips. Neither of them knew how considerably time had passed till they stopped and if it weren’t for their dinner reservation they would have continued forever.

“Put the ring on me! I want to show Ahri and Kai’Sa!”

“Okay, okay, just let me find the box.”

Akali took the box from behind Evelynn’s head and opened it Evelynn held out her left hand and Akali took it, sliding the ring on gently. When she was performed, she brought Evelynn’s hand to her lips and kissed the ring she had just placed.

“I love you, pretty lady.”

“I love you, too.”

Soon after a single final kiss, Evelynn mentioned, “Take a picture, baby, I want to show Kai’Sa and Ahri!”

“I got you, baby, I’ll send it in the group chat.”

Akali: SHE Stated YES!!!!!

Kai’Sa: OMG!!!!!!!!!!

Ahri: I TOLD YOU IT WOULD Perform!!!!!

Evelynn: What do you imply “I told you”?

Ahri: I came up with the marriage proposal thought! Just for you, Eve~

Evelynn: Wait, what?!?!

Evelynn: YOU. Of ALL men and women.

Ahri: uwu

Evelynn: Do not UWU me!!! That was a terrible prank!

Ahri: But you mentioned yes, didn’t you?

Kai’Sa: She did, infact, say yes

Evelynn: Just you wait, foxbreath.

Evelynn: When we get house from dinner, it is more than for you, Foxy.


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