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A Darkin identified as Aatrox.

Biological classification



Parent Species


Physical qualities


  • Ascended Humans
  • Blood Magic Customers
  • Imprisoned in Weapons

Typical lifespan

Unknown (Possibly Timeless)

Sociocultural qualities


Virtually Extinct (five members to date)


  • Ixtali
  • Targonian
  • Shuriman


  • Temperate Climate
  • Settlements (Cities, Villages, Tribes)

Diet regime


Spot of origin


Presently inhabited spot(s)

  • Valoran
  • Freljord
  • Ionia
  • Noxus
  • Shurima


  •  Runeterra Prime
  •  Teamfight Techniques Prime

Darkin are God-Warriors who are corrupted by the horrors of the Void War as effectively as self infliction by the use of blood magic. Presently, all identified Darkins have been imprisoned in weapons, unable to ever regain their original Darkin types.


The Darkin




The Darkin are stated to be a collection of sentient weapons by Eduard Santangelo[1] and the Shadow Order, of which only 3 have been revealed in contemporary occasions so far.

In truth, the Darkin are corrupt Ascended who had been imprisoned inside their personal weapons in an act that in the end ended the Darkin War. The nature of their corruption is implied to be self-inflicted just after the mental scar left from the horrors of numerous wars and these witnessed in the Void War, lastly taking its toll on them centuries later with Azir’s death for the duration of his Ascension and the subsequent fall of Shurima, leaving them feeling purposeless, betrayed and forgotten by the globe they after swore to safeguard to which they gave their mortal lives to fight for.

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In the centuries given that, a handful of these weapons have been rediscovered by the ignorant and the ambitious alike.

Darkin Champions


  • God-Warriors, Unbound

  • The Terrific Darkin War

  • To Slay Legends


The Darkin started their story as revered human warriors of Ancient Shurima, Ascended into serving against the threat from the threshold. Soon after lastly halting the Void’s perverse incursion, the surviving Ascended entitled themselves as as 1st witnesses of a dawn of peace they brought to a now secure globe.

Centuries just after an age of war with the Void, regardless of their divine makeup, their minds remained as frail as the mortals they after had been. When the light of Shurima lastly left the globe, lots of of the immortal Ascended located themselves lost. With no emperor to lead them, these “darkin” sooner or later fell to warring amongst their personal kind—and the peoples of Runeterra had been caught in the middle.The ceaseless warring and the horrors they witnessed gradually took their toll, major them to fight more than who was worthy of taking more than the globe that forgot them. This began the , identified improved to the globe as the .

The laws of mortal life held tiny which means for the darkin. More than the centuries, they mastered lots of forbidden types of primal magic, crafting their personal flesh and armor with equal ease, till they had been entirely unrecognizable as the noble warriors they had after been.

Throughout the Darkin War depictions of the self-corrupted Sunborn, now identified as Darkin, as currently getting a demonic appearance—the outcome of working with blood magic, fueled with every mortal and Darkin life they took, to reshape their personal bodies and armor and meld them as a single.


Toward the finish of the Darkin War, the Darkin had been imprisoned inside their personal weapons and wielded against their brethren till all who remained had been likewise trapped. These who held a Darkin would acquire a portion of their energy, but by way of a host was also the only avenue by way of which a Darkin to acquire a mockery of freedom. Even when capable to wrest absolute handle of a physique, the energy of a Darkin is also significantly for any mortal physique to include – condemning the Darkin to a fate of regularly harvesting life force, sooner or later entirely depleting the mortal’s power and becoming forced to seek a further host, lest they be rendered inanimate after extra.

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To date, a golden-armored warrior queen is the only becoming identified to have held a Darkin and not succumbed to its will. That mentioned, her final act just after dispatching all other Darkin was to trap herself and inside a effectively in Pallas, condemning herself but denying the Darkin freedom as effectively.

Identified Traits

  • Darkin Corruption

  • A Legacy of Discomfort


As an Ascended is designed, a celestial idea merges with their mortal physique and gains them ascended energy. When a Darkin is trapped, that idea is trapped/deleted. Humans no longer could even have the believed/concept of what the Darkin was the avatar of.[2]

From the moment a darkin weapon chooses a host, that mortal will obtain themselves compelled by a energy they can scarcely hope to master—no matter what seductive whispers they could possibly hear in their thoughts. That energy will quickly take root in flesh and bone, reshaping them into a new, monstrous amalgam.

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The weapon’s wielder and any Darkin trapped inside look to enter a connection, the wielder gaining a portion of the Darkin’s energy and the Darkin in turn acquire some agency and a venue of freedom. Having said that, the Darkin can dominate their wielder, thereby annihilating the wielder’s character although in turn freely affirming their agency similarly, the wielder can extirpate the Darkin’s persona to acquire complete access to the weapon’s energy. In each situations, the dominated other is described as “dying”.

Although the darkin’s hunger for vengeance is inhuman and eternal, they will have to overcome the limitations of their new kind if they are ever to sate it. Memories of who they after had been, what they aspired to be, and what they have come to be, all now blur with each other in their flawed, mortal minds.

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Aatrox usurped his wielder lengthy ago. Rhaast actively seeks to acquire handle more than Kayn’s physique. Varus has however to totally take handle of each Valmar and Kai in their tri-symbiotic existence.

Kayn asserts that Rhaast will die if Kayn “lets go” of the scythe, although it is implied the Darkin’s energy is lost if they are killed in this style. Having said that, Kayn’s statement could merely imply that Rhaast will endure, significantly like other identified Darkin, comprehensive immobility and sensory deprivation till a further requires up the scythe. According to Aatrox, this is a fate far worse than death, for the Darkin remains conscious for the complete length of their imprisonment. 



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