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“You may call me venom— for that’s what I’m paid to spew out these days! I’m your victim, Spider-Man– I’m the innocent you ruined!

-Venom, Amazing Spider-Man v1 #300



Eddie Brock was a promising journalist who became well known after his inside reports on the murderer known as Sin-Eater hit the front page and made him famous. Unbeknownst to Brock, the source he was using for his reports was actually a madman who was inspired by Sin Eater, and not the real Sin-Eater himself. When Spider-Man exposed Sin-Eater’s true identity and it was revealed that Eddie’s reports were faulty, Eddie was disgraced as a journalist and fired from his job. Eddie blamed Spider-Man for his humiliation and vowed to see him dead. Before he set off to kill Spidey, Eddie went to a church to pray for forgiveness. What he didn’t know was that the symbiote suit that Spider-Man had brought back from the Secret Wars and abandoned had been hiding out in the same building. Sensing a being with a mutual hatred for Spider-Man, the symbiote leaped at Brock and bonded with him, becoming Venom. Venom, now referring to himself as “we” instead of “I”, attacked Spider-Man and did battle with him many times (he is aware of Peter Parker’s true identity due to the symbiote’s knowledge) before deciding to become a vigilante himself, and serve the world by protecting innocents (generally in a much more brutal fashion than Spidey.) Eventually Eddie lost the Venom symbiote and became convinced that all symbiotes were evil and demonic, although after a series of events in which the Venom symbiote adventured in outer space and Eddie became bonded with a different symbiote named Toxin, Venom has been returned to Eddie and they function as one once more.

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Origin as told in Awesome Spider-Man #300

MvC Theme


Eddie Brock is not a pretty mentally steady guy. He is obsessed with the concept of innocence and seeks to preserve it at all costs (usually by trying to kill Spider-Man…) although he will kill innocents when he has to. Eddie tends to make graphic threats rather than simply bantering while fighting, usually involving ripping out his opponents’ intestines or eating their brains. Part of this is due to a tumor in his body that produces excess amounts of adrenaline, and part of it is due to his long term exposure to multiple symbiotic entities. Despite all this, he is able to hide his mental issues well. Occasionally, either Eddie or the symbiote will take full control of the body and act with a single mind.

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Venom’s symbiote gives him powers very similar to Spider-Man, including enhanced strength, superhuman agility, web-shooting, and wall climbing. He also has a few powers of his own, including shapeshifting, stretching, and camouflage. Eddie Brock himself has peak human physicals even without the symbiote. It is worth noting that although Venom is primarily a Spider-Man villain, he is consistently displayed as being Spider-Man’s superior in terms of power.

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Feats from other temporary hosts of the Venom symbiote are included in this thread and marked with TH. Since Eddie is a superior host to the symbiote than these users, these feats should be replicable by him. Feats from other more permanent hosts (Flash and Gargan) are not included and should not be applied to Eddie Venom, as each of them had a notably different connection with the symbiote than Eddie.

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Eddie’s symbiote amps his strength to an extreme degree, and the symbiote’s constructs (such as tentacles) are very strong as well. Venom’s physical strength also increases with Eddie’s strength.

[Punching & Striking]

[Leaping & Kicking]

[Lifting, Pushing, & Pulling]

[Throwing & Swinging]

[Tentacle Strength]


Eddie’s agility and reaction times are greatly enhanced by the symbiote. The symbiote itself is able to react to opponents and projectiles that Eddie is not looking at.


[Offensive Speed]

[Movement Speed]


Although Eddie’s symbiote seems squishy and gelatinous, it is incredibly tough and resistant to damage. If he does end up taking damage, however, his symbiote boosts his regeneration, allowing him to heal rapidly from near fatal wounds


[Piercing & Cutting]






Eddie’s symbiote is very stretchy and able to form itself into a variety of shapes, as well as extend tentacles and alter his appearance. He can use this ability to strike at enemies from multiple angles, restrain them from a distance, or even attack them through orifices. He gives a neat demonstration of his shapeshifting capabilities here.

[Tentacles & Stretching]

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[Shape Manipulation]

[Internal Attacks/Suffocation]


Venom can alter his color and texture to alter his appearance or even make himself practically invisible.

[Appearance Alteration/Clothing Alteration]



Venom can produce and fire large amounts of “webbing” from his symbiote at will. Unlike Spider-Man’s webbing, Venom’s webbing has several special properties, and is more akin to a detachable symbiotic tentacle.


Venom has 360 degree vision, and can see out of any part of his symbiote. He has also displayed a variety of other enhanced senses.

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Although Venom has not displayed the level of technopathy that other symbiotes such as Carnage have, he is still able to to interface with machines and control them to a degree.


Venom, like all symbiotes, has a noted weakness to fire and sonic attacks. Despite this, he is still more resistant to extreme heat and noise than a normal human, just less resistant to them than he is to other types of attacks.




Eddie is a peak human without the symbiote. He worked out constantly to impress his father and vent his anger, and is not helpless in a fight even without his symbiotic ally. He is also an extremely accomplished investigative journalist.




Even when detached from its host, the symbiote is able to move and fight on its own. It has even learned to speak in more modern comics.


[Possession/Mind Control]


To help show where Venom stands in terms of power, I am including a section to demonstrate Eddie’s limitations and weaknesses.



Other stuff that does not actually match into any of the categories.


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