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The best Akali counters in League of Legends

Akali is 1 of the toughest champions to face in the mid lane in League of Legends.

She has excellent waveclear, assassination possible, and a lot of mobility. Even right after numerous nerfs, she has stayed on best of the meta, giving a excellent split-push possible although also getting a enormous threat in teamfights. The adjustments in Patch 11.six brought her back into the mid lane meta with all the manage mages operating rampant.

Though she does have a lot of strengths, she has some weaknesses you should really use early on to cease her from snowballing. Right here are the ideal counter picks to beat Akali in the mid lane.

Common tactic

Akali has a 1-dimensional playstyle of having in close proximity to land a 5 Point Strike (Q), just before retreating out of her Assassin Mark (P) variety to get the elevated harm and variety buff on her subsequent auto attack. The trading template is the similar all through the whole game, and by reading Akali’s movements, you can either dodge the 5 Point Strike and be secure, or retreat if she landed it to stay clear of having hit by her passive as nicely.

One particular of the most obnoxious issues about Akali is her mobility combined with her invisibility from Twilight Shroud (W). Each elements facilitate her “dancing” playstyle and permits her to weave in and out of skirmishes with ease. Although maintaining her below manage early on is uncomplicated due to the fact she will not be undertaking a lot of harm, after the match reaches the mid or late stage of the game, it is going to be hard due to the fact 1 or two combos are adequate to kill you.

When Akali reaches level six, she becomes a enormous dilemma to deal with due to her Fantastic Execution (R) ultimate, which primarily provides her access to 4 dashes, two by means of the ultimate and two by means of her Shuriken Flip (E). This permits her to move rapidly about teamfights and leave no area for you to respond. Maintain this reality in thoughts through the laning phase as nicely, due to the fact if you have no Flash, you will be an uncomplicated kill for her.


Twisted Fate

Image by means of Riot Games

Image by means of Riot Games

Twisted Fate is 1 of the strongest mid laners in the existing meta due to his roaming and waveclear possible. Although most players think he is squishy and will get quickly farmed by assassin players such as Akali, by applying the correct runes it will be hard for Akali to get a lead.

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For the duration of the laning phase, you want to begin with Corrupting Potion and use your Stacked Deck (E) passive on Akali each time it is up. You want to poke her down without the need of going into variety of her combo. By consistently poking her down, she will be forced to back and will give you time to either create a gold lead from tower plates or adequate time to roam to other lanes. If she tries to go in, you can quickly turn on her with a gold card from Choose a Card (W) combined with Wild Cards (Q). The early harm from each of them is substantial, and if you add the harm-more than-time (DoT) impact from Corrupting Potion as nicely, Akali will be in for a poor time.

Your worldwide ultimate permits you to quickly roam about the map and choose up kills. Attempt to stay clear of ditching your lane if Akali is pushing, nonetheless. Rather, attempt to push the wave towards her tower so she does not snowball from the tower plates. This can be really problematic if you let her choose up no cost farm and knowledge each time you ultimate away.

In teamfights, maintain an eye on Akali’s positioning. If you have played the lane properly, you should really have a decent gold lead more than her. With it, attempt to assist your group safe objectives and operate towards your win situation based on your group composition. Keep in mind to use your ultimate in teamfights to reveal Akali for an uncomplicated kill if she overextends and goes into her Twilight Shroud.


Image by means of Riot Games

Image by means of Riot Games

Kassadin is 1 of Akali’s strongest counters due to his potential to match her harm and mobility. Although he necessary time to get going in the previous, his existing base harm is far more than adequate early on to stress Akali and force her play defensively.

Appear into trading with Akali with your Null Sphere (Q) and an auto attack by means of Nether Blade (W) anytime she tries to go for her combo through the laning phase. These two skills combined can provide about 200 harm early on. A couple of such trades can give you a important benefit. The ideal element of playing Kassadin into Akali is that you have a magic harm shield on your Q, providing you a lot of resistance early on through your trades. When you get access to Force Pulse (E), your trades grow to be substantially stronger and if you can quickly get early kills.

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Rift Stroll (R) permits you to match Akali’s mobility each in and out of the laning phase. Your purpose should really be to attain Everfrost as quickly as doable, which will let you to root Akali and set up kills through the mid game. You can begin roaming after you have access to your ultimate to snowball your teammates so you have an simpler time dealing with Akali later. But bear in mind to push in your wave just before you roam so Akali does not get no cost gold from tower plates although you are gone.

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For the duration of teamfights, appear into killing what ever target you can, either Akali or her teammates. Do not attempt to chase her due to the fact she can just use invisibility and wait out her group to dismantle your teammates alternatively. If you get a very good angle on her, attempt killing her in the blink of an eye, but do not make that a priority. You excel in undertaking AoE harm with your Rift Stroll and Force Pulse so attempt to maximize the harm by applying on various targets.

Kassadin is 1 of the ideal split pushers in the game later on, due to how uncomplicated it is to take down towers with your kit. You will be hard to catch due to Rift Stroll, which will let you to cover enormous distances in a couple of seconds and you can quickly join your allies as nicely. This will place your opponents in a tough spot on how to deal with your split pushing and give you an edge necessary to win the game.


Image by means of Riot Games

Image by means of Riot Games

Galio is a far more defensive champion to counter Akali with. He excels at setting up ganks and moving about the map rather than getting a direct counter to Akali through the laning phase.

Thanks to your tankiness and magic-oriented kit, you can quickly survive the laning phase and poke down Akali. If she tries to go for her combo, you can usually go for a Justice Punch (E), Winds of War (Q), and Shield of Durand (W) combo. Even without the need of a lot of potential energy, this combo will do a lot of harm early on, permitting you to set up solo kills or, if you can’t kill her alone, set up a kill for your jungler.

As the game goes by and you attain level six, you can make plays across the whole map with your worldwide ultimate. It is crucial to appear for plays about the map to get them going due to the fact you will not be that impactful if you stay even with Akali in the mid lane. One particular crucial point to maintain track of is Akali’s Shuriken Flip due to the fact she could potentially comply with your roams to other lanes.

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In the later stages of the game, you can front line for your group with a tanky create and soak up incoming harm. If she tries to go in, you can taunt, then use your knock up on Akali and give your group adequate time to delete her healthbar.


Mercury’s Treads

This is 1 of the ideal boots alternatives when facing Akali if her teammates have a lot of crowd manage. You will hit two birds with 1 stone by minimizing Akali’s harm, although also minimizing her allies’ CC duration on you.


Akali is notorious for obtaining a lot of sustain due to Conqueror or Fleet Footwork combined with Ravenous Hunter. The ideal point you can do to cease that is get an anti-healing item. Morellonomicon is the ideal selection in this case.

Zhonya’s Hourglass

Although the lack of magic resist may well make this item counterintuitive, the reality that you get a stasis impact on a quite quick cooldown tends to make it a excellent selection to create against Akali, specially if she has two or far more teammates who do a lot of physical harm. You can use the stasis impact to outplay her and turn with your burst harm after you are out to potentially turn about a lost fight.

Verdant Barrier

This is a excellent AP-defensive item early on, providing you a lot of magic resist. If the enemy is operating far more AP-oriented champions, appear to obtain this item to make you unkillable although they have no magic penetration. Although it got nerfed lately, it nonetheless remains a excellent gold effective item.


Hexdrinker is an early bruiser-oriented AD item, providing you some necessary magic resist and a shield to shield you against the all-in possible from Akali. The stats from it are excellent and it is an wonderful item to rush if you are obtaining troubles early on. It can shield you from having burst down by Akali and you can upgrade it later on to Maw of Malmortius if you have to have further defensives.

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