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Various Anime x Reader Drabbles/one-shots

Annie Leonhardt &amp Mikasa Ackerman (Attack! Titan Junior Higher)

Requested by Jennifer

Workout/Prompt: “Write about a shopping list, as if this shopping list had much more meaning than is could possibly hold. Imagine this shopping list found … “


Cram school was absolutely dreadful for Annie. Part of it was the fact that it took up a lot of her precious free time, but the main reason was because of one person: Mikasa Ackerman.

She really despised this girl not just because she was the class favorite, but because she also had a crush on this particular girl named (Name).

Annie could have gone to a different cram school, but you made it bearable. You weren’t all that talkative—if anything, you were a bit more on the reserved side—but you were extremely kind and caring when people got to know you. This made the blonde girl’s heart ache painfully for you.

This pain Annie felt in her chest for you was so overwhelming that she made the decision to relieve herself of this pain. She planned to do this by confessing her love for you. But of course, Mikasa just had to plan the same thing on the same day; the last day of cram school.

Just as the teacher dismissed the class for the very last time, Annie and Mikasa set their eyes on you. You didn’t seem to notice the two sets of eyes locked on you. You were, however, looking a bit frantic as you tried to quickly pack up your things. As you quickly made your way out the door, a small folded up piece of paper slipped out of your bag.

Your two admirers saw this fallen paper as a perfect excuse to approach you after class. They might scare you away if they just approached you for no particular reason (though if you knew that they were going to confess, you might run away too).

Annie and Mikasa immediately rushed to get the lone piece of paper, a fierce and determined fire in their eyes as they simultaneously grabbed the paper. They locked eyes with each other, narrowing their brows in a subtly threatening way. The students left in the classroom sensed the tense atmosphere between the two girls and quickly rushed out for the sake of their safety.

“This is mine.” Annie coldly mentioned.

“No it’s not.” Mikasa darkly responded, roughly pulling the paper towards herself.

Annie’s tight grip on the paper didn’t falter when Mikasa pulled it towards her. But unable to manage the robust pulling force coming from either path, the paper ripped in half with a resounding riiip!

The girls took a startled step back, shocked by the sudden sound.

“Now look what you did.” Annie mumbled with a frown.

“If you had let go of the paper then it wouldn’t have ripped.”

Annie ignored the other girl and unfolded the paper, widening her eyes when she saw what was written.

“This is—”

“A list.” Mikasa interrupted, possessing taken a appear at her personal half of the paper. “It even has reasons for whatever she was going to buy.”

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“I’m not surprised. (Name) can be forgetful.” Annie idly mentioned, a little smile forming on her face. She fondly looked more than the paper, but narrowed her eyes when she realized that components had been missing.

Mikasa abruptly brought her torn half subsequent to the blonde girl’s half. Annie’s stark blue eyes bored into Mikasa’s calm black ones. The black haired girl glanced at the other for a moment ahead of seeking back down at their joined papers.

“I just want to see the whole list.” She explained with a mumble. Annie created a sound of agreement ahead of reading to herself the list:


  1. Acquire some bandages! — Annie &amp Mikasa are usually asking me for some ahead of class. I believe they’re secretly as well stubborn to go ask the nurse for some. Gotta make positive that my good friends are healthier! Believed I’m not positive why they usually will need them … I never ever see them basically put on them. Possibly I just can not see it for the reason that it is beneath their garments? I hope it is nothing at all critical!
  2. Acquire some pens! — Annie likes to create with a pen (she prefers blue) but her parents never ever obtain any for her. Her cursive handwriting is so sophisticated and gorgeous! I want mine was like that.
  3. Acquire some pencils! — Mikasa’s brother Eren usually steals her pencils, so she has to ask me for some! Mikasa is so selfless &amp caring. She seriously cares for her brother! I seriously hope I can get more than my shyness and assist other people extra.
  4. Acquire extra paper! — I imply, come on, me! How’re you going to inform them that you go to the very same college as them? It is way as well nerve-wracking to inform them in particular person (curse you, shyness!). I’ll appear for their shoe lockers tomorrow and secretly slip it in there!
  5. Acquire three matching bracelets! — I seriously want them to know how a lot they imply to me, but telling them some thing like that is way as well scary! Gifts will have to do for now.

**Retailer closes at eight! Go there immediately after college, me! :D**


Annie felt undesirable about the bandages the only cause she ever asked you for them was for the reason that she wanted an excuse to speak to you ahead of class. She assumed Mikasa felt the very same (and she did).

The girls looked up at the clock in the classroom and saw that it study 7:58.

Their eyes widened at the realization that the retailer you had been going to would be closing very soon. They felt a robust need to give this to you as quickly as probable.

“We need to give this to her now!” They exclaimed. Then they froze, shocked that they had mentioned the precise very same issue. They nodded their heads at every other, glad that the other understood just what required to be carried out.

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At breakneck speed, Annie and Mikasa ran down the hall and out the cram school’s entrance, tightly holding on to their half of the list. Just as they had been about to turn the corner, they came face-to-face with the quite particular person they had been seeking for.

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“(Name).” They breathlessly mentioned with flushed faces. They extended their pieces of the paper out to you, intently watching your face for a reaction.

“E-Eh?!” You squeaked out, your personal cheeks turning red from the confusion and embarrassment you felt. “What are you two doing here?”

“We came to return this to you.” Annie mentioned, wiping some sweat off her forehead with the back of her no cost hand.

“You dropped it on your way out of the classroom.” Mikasa added, adjusting her slightly disheveled garments.

Your eyes lit up and a significant smile formed on your lips.

“I-I’m so glad you two found it!” You happily mentioned, taking the papers from them. But then you looked at the papers in confusion, blinking in confusion as you wondered why it wasn’t in one particular piece.

“Sorry it ripped.” Mikasa mentioned, bowing her head slightly. “Annie carelessly tried to take the paper without considering how fragile it was.”

“I did not.” Annie mentioned via gritted teeth. Her eye twitched as she believed of how a lot she totally despised the black haired girl.

“I-It’s okay, guys.” You mentioned, bringing the pieces close to your chest and avoiding their intense gazes. “Even though the store is probably closed now, I’m still glad that the people I trust found my list and returned it to me instead of throwing it away. So … thank you.” You glanced at the ground, feeling embarrassed more than your words.

“(Name), you don’t have to buy those things for me.” Mikasa abruptly mentioned, grabbing your hands into her personal. You flushed, intently gazing at the ground alternatively of the fond appear she was providing you.

“Us.” Annie corrected with a forceful voice, crossing her arms more than her chest and casting Mikasa a dark glare.

“Y-You two read my list?! Oh no!” Your face became red once more and you felt embarrassed. You took your hands out of Mikasa’s grasp. You covered your face with your hands, refusing to appear at them. You abruptly felt your hands gently becoming pulled away from your face. You stared at the ground, unable to appear at whoever was in front of you now.

“Don’t feel embarrassed, (Name).” Annie softly mentioned, putting a hand beneath your chin to lift your face up. Your eyes locked with her brilliant blue ones. You felt your face heat up, so you averted your eyes to the side.

“We appreciate everything that you do for us. You’re always helping us out in class, and that’s why I … I … “ Annie trailed off, suddenly feeling her words stuck in her throat. Now that she had the opportunity to confess her true feelings, why couldn’t she do it?

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Mikasa not-so-gently pushed Annie away from you. You were confused by this, and even more so when she boldly cupped your cheek between her hands. Your face burnt up again and your mouth was left open in absolute shock. You wanted to pull away from this awkward (at least to you) situation, but feared that Mikasa might be offended if you did.

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“You’re always looking out for us in class, (Name). But from now on, I want to be able to look out for you because I … I …” And so Mikasa was also unable to confess, abruptly feeling at a loss of words now that she had you right here with her. But she persisted, continuing with “I lo— luff— ah, loaf— er, loave—“

Annie placed a hand on Mikasa’s shoulder, gripping it quite tightly as she said, “We lo— lug— uh, log—“

You suddenly burst out laughing, something quite uncharacteristic of you (giggling was more of your thing). The two girls watched you with wide eyes and red cheeks, pleasantly surprised by the blissful sound of your laughter. You abruptly clamped a hand over your mouth, feeling embarassed by your outburst.

“I—I’m so sorry!” You squeaked out, bowing your head quite low to them. “That was very rude of me! But I just …” You trailed off and straightened oneself out, pushing a strand of hair behind your ear ahead of you continued. “I really love this relationship we have together Mikasa, Annie.”

They could’ve sworn that they transcended into heaven at your words. They looked at every other, nodding as if realizing what the other was considering. They looked at you once more and smiled.

“We do too, (Name).” Annie mentioned, pulling you into a hug.

“We… “ Mikasa paused and took in a deep breath. “We really love this, too.”

She joined in on the hug pink cheeks, feeling content material that she was sharing portion of this embrace with you.

Your eyes widened in shock, not expecting them to abruptly hug you. But nonetheless, you smiled and wrapped your eyes about them, enjoying the warm feeling of friendship all about you.

“I love you.” You whispered, causing their ears to perk. They wondered who you meant to say that as well, but the believed was fleeting.

They figured that they could enjoy you collectively.


A/N: The longest story I’ve written for a request so far! five pages, wow! I hope that this was at least fascinating or amusing to study :p

My weakness is a fantastic ole lesbo enjoy triangle

I also enjoy Annie and Mikasa soooo a lot ahhhhh my waifus enjoy me pls w

Facts associated to requests can be noticed in the initially chapter! 🙂 


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