Will YOU Escape?

Wondering what is the best way to spend a fun
filled afternoon or evening in Colorado Springs?
You’ve just found it! Located in the heart of Colorado Springs Downtown Entertainment and Restaurant District – Tejon Street, The Greatest Escape Games is less than 15 minutes from Manitou Springs, Old Colorado City, the Broadmoor Hotel, Fort Carson and the Air Force Academy.

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Want to ESCAPE Outdoors?

Sign up your team to play Magic Portal! This first of its kind GPS game combines the best elements of classical treasure hunts, GPS-Geocaching and Live-Escape-Games with Augmented Reality Technology into a new outdoor team game.

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Escape Rooms

Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever Escape RoomLocked in a cabin and you need to get out establish ownership of claim at the town’s assay office before the noon deadline!

You and your friends are partners with Sourdough Joe in a gold mine but he dies before telling you where it is or registering the claim at the Assay Office. You must find the map in his cabin that leads to the gold mine and register it at the Assay Office before closing time today or you lose your rights to the claim as partners. But once inside the cabin you are locked in by another Claim Jumper who wants to have the deadline pass so that he can stake the claim for himself!

This room is recommended for players 10 years and older. $30 per person

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J.J. Carey is at a fund raising dinner in town where he intends to announce his candidacy to run in the next election. Coincidently, J.J. is also the prime suspect in the disappearance of his young and beautiful intern, Lucy Longlegs.

A source close to the politician may have information about how she disappeared and has requested that you and your group meet them at the politician’s house to help look for clues that may solve the case.

J.J. and his wife, Polly will be returning from dinner within the hour so there isn’t much time to find out what may have happened to Lucy!

This room is recommended for players 8 years and older. $30 per person

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Rightful Heir


Your wealthy father has passed away and you and your other brothers and sisters have been notified by his attorney to come home for the reading of his will. When you arrive at your childhood home you sense something is not right; you suspect that the will to be read may be a forgery! You have only one hour to locate the original will that you know your father signed and placed in a safe place somewhere in the house.

This room is recommended for players 12 years and older. $30 per person.

NOTE:  This is our most challenging room.  The minimum number of players is 4.   If you have never played an escape game before we recommend that you try one of our other rooms first! 


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Magic Portal

cluetivity rabit black ipadMagic Portal is a first of its kind GPS game which combines the best elements of classical treasure hunts, GPS-Geocaching and Live-Escape-Games with Augmented Reality Technology into a new outdoor team game.

The basic game is simple: using a special “portalTracker” (aka: iPad) you and your team will have 2 1/2 to 3 hours to explore Colorado Springs looking to open six magic portals that connect this world with the mythical world of “Avoria.”. While on your adventure to reunite the two worlds you will need to answer tricky riddles, solve puzzling puzzles with help from virtual 3-D avatar gnomes and wizards in real places throughout your journey! Magic Portal by CLUETIVITY™ is the most action-packed adventure ever for families, friends and colleagues ever!

Teams consist of a minimum of 2, a maximum of 6 people and an iPad. (NOTE: There is a $200 damage deposit required for use of iPad.)

$70 for 2 people.
$25 per person 3-6 people. Max 6 people per team.

Multiple teams may challenge each other for high score.

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Great for Family and Friends

If you are looking for a safe, fun activity suitable for people of all ages from 5-99 where everyone “gets to play” and contribute to the overall accomplishment of the goal – to get out in 60 minutes – then The Greatest Escapes Games are for you.

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Great for Birthday Parties!

Don’t have a clue what to do for your child’s next birthday party? We Do! Be the coolest parent on the block when you bring your son or daughter’s birthday party to The Greatest Escape Games.

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Great for Corporate Events

Enter as a group, emerge as a team! Players must be observant and use their critical thinking skills to escape the room.

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